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Routes of Yoga (ROY) continues to come up with the most intense, yet passionately fulfilling events for Yoga instructors. Throughout the year, its team of experts offer a series of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. However there may be those who do not have the time to go overseas, but would still want to get trained in the discipline. In this scenario, they have the option for a residential Yoga Teacher training.

All these and many more offer fruitful learning experiences. So if you’re a teacher who’s aiming to level up your craft, it would be great to sign up for ROY’s upcoming events soon.

The philosophies at Routes of Yoga

Founded by Daphne Charles and Anton Jager, Routes of Yoga aims to bring Yoga teachers to higher levels of learning and capabilities. This happens while instructors are brought overseas such as in Nepal and Bali, towards a more expanded outlook of the world. Traditional practices are applied as participants attend a series of Yoga teacher training in Bali. Each time you train with ROY, you’ll have the enhanced capacity to deepen your understanding of the practice.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

One of ROY’s core aspects of trainings would be the Yoga teacher training course in Bali. This happens for 200 hours, as three main areas will be tackled. The first part includes a holistic understanding of the body or anatomy. A person’s body would be the very main subject or tool used to carry out the discipline, and the dynamics which go with it must be fully analyzed.

The second part of the Bali yoga teacher training includes the main principles and concepts which form the discipline of Yoga. This includes breathing techniques, poses and meditation. This area will significantly delve into the contemplative aspects of Yoga, which is why this should be the perfect opportunity for you to increase your knowledge or skills in the practice.

Thirdly, the entire course will also include the techniques of teaching Yoga itself. Imbibing the discipline should enable you to have the capacity to teach it. However ROY further makes sure you’ll also have the best methodologies in the process of sharing your knowledge.


Gather round for their retreats and pilgrimages

The intense and deepening training procedures involved at the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali will enhance their teaching skills. Additionally, instructors will have the chance to unwind and replenish their energies through retreats and pilgrimages. They have the option to visit Nepal or Bali, so they can further soak up the culture overseas.

Retreats also allow for Yoga instructors to rest well, especially if they’re the types who are usually happy to have a series of classes in a day. Conducting classes will take a lot of energy for teachers to carry out, which is why they need all the chances to replenish their energies.

About Routes of Yoga:

Routes of Yoga (ROY) was founded by Daphne Charles and Anton Jager. The school intends to expand the knowledge of instructors so the beauty of this discipline can further enhance their skills while imparting its essential benefits to their students.  If you’re an instructor who’s looking to further expand your Yoga outlook, be sure to book a class today.

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