Karcher Home And Office Cleaning Systems


Cleaning systems always have a steady demand because cleaning and hygiene is a basic requirement of every commercial and non-commercial establishment. There are several brands that manufacture domestic cleaning systems as well as advanced commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. However, for long-term use and reliability people always depend on top performing brands. For intense commercial cleaning jobs and high-quality results, Karcher manufactures cleaning systems with innovative technology, compact design, and user-friendly features.  In this review, we will look into some of the top cleaning machines sold by this brand.

Best cleaning systems from Karcher in Singapore

  • For heavy home cleaning jobs, the K 5 Premium series pressure washers manufactured by the brand are quite popular in the international markets. These full control machines have an LED display and have an area  washing machineperformance as high as 40 m²/h.
  • If you are looking for a multipurpose vacuum cleaner for your home, you can opt for WD 6 P Premium offered by the brand. The machine is suitable for removing dry as well as wet dirt. Fine dust particles left after grinding and sawing works can also be easily cleaned.
  • For commercial cleaning at shops and offices, you can opt for HD 6/15 C high-pressure cleaner. This upright washer has smooth mobility and the height is fully adjustable to suit the user.
  • K 55 plus electric broom manufactured by the brand is compact and cordless and is best for a rapid home cleaning. The best part is that this small device offers an exceptionally quick and high degree of cleaning.

Finding a reliable online store

For quality products and quick delivery, you can shop from FurnitureSG. Known for being one of the most reliable e-commerce stores in Singapore, FurnitureSG offers exchanges and refunds for defects and damages on delivery.  In the case of bulky products like washing machine and refrigerator, an additional delivery charge of 30 SGD is added to the price.

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