Kea Express Courier Services


In contrast to other delivery services, courier service is much more costly due to its more modified and specialized terms of handling packages. This is delivered through the use of bicycles, vans, motorcycles, cars, trucks and other modes of transportation depending on the size of the package to be sent on doorsteps. Courier service is also more practical because customers can choose the schedule of the delivery convenient to their time.

Kea Express is a courier service in Singapore that transports and delivers documents, parcels and packages providing timely, cost-effective and friendly delivery solutions.

As it seeks to serve companies and individuals who call for rapid service, accountability and tracking, the company ventures into further features to make its service more efficient.

Kea Express provides a wide range of services. With its Enterprise Solutions feature, the company extends its island-wide reach of delivery service even on restricted areas, such as Sentosa, Jurong Island, Airport Cargo Complex, Foreign Embassies, army camps and other restricted areas. The company also offers packages budget that customers can be available depending on the destination: East > West and East > North packages.

Kea Express provides time-friendly service. The service hours of most couriers do not confine with the time of working people, but Kea Express through its After Office Hours feature, have made sending goods after office hours and on weekends easily possible.

Kea Express provides friendly and accessible service, with responsive and welcoming staffs to assist customers on their calls for inquiries and all that. Kea Express also provides expert and accredited services to assure its customer of dependable transactions.

Kea Express provides cost-friendly yet reliable service. Customers’ comfort and assurance don’t need to be compromised with cheap-costing services, because Kea Express provides efficiency in cost-effective and reasonable fees for customers’ delivery service.

For the past years since the company has started, it proved to be in good business as it was able to meet and even exceed client’s satisfaction and expectations. The company is committed to providing help in sending customers’ packages around the island, as it upholds its vision of giving timely, cost-effective and friendly delivery solutions.

Kea Express started in 2012 with a humble beginning of 2 vehicles, servicing clients in the stationery, gift, apparels and electronics sector. Through the challenging times and working with clients with specific needs, Kea Express has always met and exceeded clients’ expectations.

Today, the team has grown into a fleet of more than 10 vehicles, assisting clients with deliveries island-wide. For more information, visit:

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