Kids party made more interactive and engaging with Party Empire


Make your party experience a refreshing and memorable one with Party Empire, party planner in Singapore dedicated to provide quality children party entertainment to kids birthday parties, school events, and even for large corporate events and festivals.

With Party Empire is Singapore’s most sought entertainer, Jasper Lee. Jasper is a professional magician in Singapore and he is best known for the kids magic show that appeals to both children and adults. Aside from being a professional in terms of magic show in Singapore, Jasper is also known for his excellent skills in organizing parties, whether be it small or a big one.

Parties organized by Party Empire stands out for many reasons. First is the very exciting magic show of Jasper that will surely mesmerize and amaze kids and even the adults. With his expertise in performing, kids really loved him and his performances always make them wish for more.

Some of what can be witnessed in his show is his award-winning coin magic where he would produce coin from the thin air. Jasper can also showcase The Rising Miracle magic performed by David Copperfield. In the Rising Miracle, audiences will see an illusion of a moving card in a drawing.

Kids would also get a chance to join the magic show by doing some of the magic tricks. This interactive approach, for sure, can add some spice to the birthday party. This can make parties a lot more enjoyable for the children and very memorable for the celebrant.

Interactivity of the party does not end there. Party Empire makes sure that guests, especially the adults, will participate in games and activities too. With this approach, all the guests will surely be entertained.

The host of the party is also a very huge part of the kind of entertainment that will be remembered by the guests. With this, Jasper’s expertise in hosting can put things into place and make the whole party go just very smoothly.

Besides his expertise in hosting, Jasper’s guests also commend his crowd control. In parties, Jasper is able to make everyone behave well which, according to some parents, is only usually done by teachers. Parties have never been such organized and yet very enjoying and entertaining at the same time.

All of these and more are offered just for you by the Party Empire. Having been thrilled by the gist of what kind of party experience Party Empire can offer, interested clients can look up for their party packages.

About Party Empire:
Party Empire is a kids party planner in Singapore that specializes in providing quality children party entertainment to kids birthday parties, school events, as well as large corporate events and festivals. For their party packages, visit

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