Kitchen ventilation requires proper maintenance


Commercial and industrial firms using kitchen ventilation systems must adopt a regular, intensified and sound maintenance program for their equipment, mechanisms and system components. For optimum quality and result of the maintenance activities like cleaning, degreasing and repair, the system provider can formulate the program and actually do the services.

This has been stressed by WCT SYSTEMS PTE. LTD. Established in Singapore in 2013, WCT SYSTEMS PTE. LTD., is proud to have top rank reliability despite being a new firm. It is easily one of the most dependable providers of top-of-the-line kitchen ventilation systems and the corresponding required maintenance, cleaning and necessary repairs of the systems.

According to WCT SYSTEMS Management, aside from having a strong foundation of having a sound kitchen ventilation system right from the start based on Government standards, maintenance must be given focus. This operations strategy will ultimately be proven more economical and cost effective to the concerned establishment.

The WCT SYSTEMS Management said that one of its goals is to give one hundred percent customer service satisfaction while at the same time supporting the Government’s efforts to preserve a sound ecology and healthy environment.

According to WCT SYSTEMS, every equipment and service provider on earth must put the highest regard to ecological balance, fairness to the future generations and protection of the environment.


WCT SYSTEMS PTE. LTD. is a Singapore based firm that designs, supplies, installs, cleans and repairs top-of-the-line ventilation systems for commercial and industrial kitchens. Every design and installation of kitchen exhaust ventilation systems it provides are compliant to Singapore Civil Defense Force’s (SCDF) safety regulation code of practice SS CP 13. It provides around the clock operation for ready maintenance services for kitchen exhaust ventilation systems exclusively for its clients.

WCT SYSTEMS PTE. LTD provides the clients in Singapore with kitchen exhaust systems, control panels, direct-on-line (DOL) starters, variable speed drives (VSD), exhaust fan, electric motor, MV fans and fan parts, air curtains, fresh air systems, electrostatic air cleaners and germicidal lamp systems.

Valued clients of WCT SYSTEMS PTE. LTD are ensured of maintenance services. It provides degreasing and cleaning services for kitchen exhaust ventilation systems which are compliant to the National Environmental Agency (NEA) & Fire Safety and Shelter Department (FFSD) regulations; followed with a ‘Before & After’ service report. Moreover, it ensures top product condition to prevent unexpected fire disasters due to ventilation ducts overfilling, we provide a tailor-made maintenance program that ensures your kitchen exhaust & ventilation system is in top condition.

Such services include kitchen hood degreasing, roof to grease removal, vent and hood cleaning, hood cleaning, filter exchange, hot water sanitizing, restaurant exhaust cleaning, fan & duct work cleaning and grease containment systems Kitchen ventilation repair and maintenance services it offers include fan repair, fan belts installation, fan maintenance, digital inspections, Fire Code/Health Code violations fixing, air flow analyses, green/biodegradable substances, emergency repair services and fan hinge kits installation. For details, please visit

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