Klassic Offers In-Depth Customer Care Service to Their Customers


Klassic makes the purchase of Singapore corporate gifts relatively easy and accessible to their customers with the in-depth customer care services they provide that is available over their website.

Klassic understands the convenience online stores provide and as such, they have setup gifts that can be accessed directly over their online digital store front. Furthermore, the company has taken the extra efforts in making the purchase of gifts in Singapore, particularly for corporate purposes, simple and hassle free by providing shipment and delivery outside of Singapore. Aside from that, the store has also setup customer care right from the get go highlighting them in the upper part of their page.

Their focus and commitment to customer care can be seen with the variety of information their clients can access at any given time, when then need calls for them to do so. This in turn makes it easy to find gift ideas that revolve around graduation gifts, corporate gifts and many more. In the customer care section, you will find their dedicated knowledge base with a slew of customer care articles as well as chart articles. For customers who have questions regarding corporate gift ideas and how these can be ordered, all they need to do is to head over the FAQ section to learn more about their terms and conditions.

Corporate gifts is a very much sought after product group and it is good to hear that there are corporate gifts suppliers that provide them on a regular day to day basis. You will find water bottles, lapel, pin collar pin, non woven bag, lanyard, umbrella, mugs, pens and door gift, etc. over their online store front. As such, customers will not be running out of corporate gifts ideas anytime soon especially with the option of varieties that work quite well with the very same products that they are offering such as lanyards, non-woven bags, water bottles,  and the likes of it.

About Klassic:

Klassic was established in Singapore since 2000, building distribution network to be the leading retail gifts and corporate gifts supplier in Singapore and international markets, catering vogue quality gifts to retail and corporate sector. As a direct manufacturer for corporate gifts and retail gifts, they offer competitive price without comprising quality and value of the gifts. Their manufacturing offices are located in both Singapore & China, & they participate in gifts and premium trade fairs throughout the year in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Frankfurt. They have been increasing their products varieties constantly. Beside corporate gifts, they have specially designed this website with personalised range of gifts, be amazed by these gifts which their customers can order directly from their online gift shop. Visit http://www.klassic.com.sg/ to find out more.

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