Klassic offers Wholesale Products for Retail Shop


Klassic, a 15-year retail gifts and corporate gift supplier in Singapore, offers a Wholesale Products for Retail Shop expanding their market not only to the corporate worlds but also to reach as many people as possible and to introduce a wide ranging personalized gifts and a wide variety of gift ideas brought by the retail shop which are closer to them. This is a part of the company’s way to build a distribution network and be the leading retail and corporate gift supplier in Singapore as well as in the international markets.

The company is not only designed to cater corporate events but is expanding on a service provider for a massive diversity of customers local and international. Its expertise showcase professionalism from their smallest clients up those well-known companies in the country and abroad.

Klassic provide 11 services and products to their partner retail shops. These are:

1. Greeting Cards
Huge ranges of greeting cards with varieties of designs, titles, seasons & price points. Imported cards and in-house designs are available. Merchandising services will be provided to display & arranged the cards.Cards come with price tags and barcodes to enhance your POS system. Cards are individually wrapped.Different display options are available to suit your retail area.

2. Gift Tag/ Small Card
Gift tags /small cards for complementing presents.Huge range of designs & sizes.Come with matching envelopes & individually wrapped

3. Mini Plushes
Different series of mini plushes for bags, phones, pouches etc.Cute & adorable ranges for impulse buying.

4. Notebook
Quality notebooks in antique, cute or formal series.Suitable for diary writing, scrapbooking, note taking etc

5. Keychain/ Mobile Phone Strap
Huge series include english name, chinese name, malay name & 366 days of keychains/ mobile phone accessories.English names come in these designs: star, smiley, heart & bear, packed with matching bookmarks. 350 different english names &colours are readily available.

6. Pouches
Cute & adorable series of pouches/ cases. Comes in animal, cartoon and many other designs.

7. Flashing Badges
Great product for any party & event. It comes with additional magnet disk to provide a “pinless” concept for putting onto any apparel. It can also be used as fridge magnet, memo holder, on any metal surface for displaying.

8. Gift Box with Photo Album
Antique series of gift boxes which come with photo album. Suitable for scrapbooking or keepsake gift ideas.

9. Plushes
Quality plushes from 6″ to 20″.

10. Puffy Stickers
Affordable and sellable range of puffy stickers.Huge ranges of designs and sizes that will attract all age groups.

11. Wrapping Paper
Gift wrap in foiled, tissue or LWC paper, come in roll, fold or open display options to suit any display needs.Designs include generic, birthday, wedding, baby, christmas, CNY and many more. Klassic has indeed expanded its versatility into a wider market building a network of connections and moving forward towards it company vision.

About Klassic:
Klassic is established in Singapore since 2000. The company is building distribution network to be the leading retail gifts and corporate gifts supplier in Singapore and international markets, catering vogue quality gifts to retail and corporate sector. As a direct manufacturer for corporate gifts and retail gifts, we offer competitive price without comprising quality and value of the gifts. Our manufacturing offices are located in both Singapore & China where it participates in gifts and premium trade fairs throughout the year in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Frankfurt. To find out more, visit: http://www.klassic.com.sg/.

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