Klassic is Your Go-To Online Retailer


If you’re on the constant look out for creative gift ideas, you’ll definitely be glad to know how Klassic would be the fitting supplier for your needs. They have a complete set of merchandise items, attentive customer service, special discounts, easy payment systems and tips to make it easier for customers to choose their items. With these qualities, every client would be glad to learn how Klassic is their reliable supplier of corporate gifts in Singapore.


Complete varieties of products for every occasion

Klassic carries small gift accessories, drinkware, electronics and gadgets, bags, lifestyle items (luggage tags, umbrellas, plush toys), stationeries and wholesale products. These product categories have over dozens of sets and selections with different colors, designs and formats. You can even ask if Klassic can print among these corporate gift ideas so you may further personalize your merchandise items as you give them to your clients.

Attentiveness with Customer Care

Thankfully, Klassic also allows for approachability towards its customers. More than just being an online store, Klassic has site address and contact numbers printed on its Contact Page. These details should make it much easier for their potential clients to reach out and ask them questions. If you would like to know more about their products, you may either call them or fill out their Contact Forms. You can fill out the form with your company name, address, contact number, email and message details.

They provide special discounts for members

Do you also know Klassic provides free memberships to its customers? Upon signing up to be a member, you will automatically be entitled to have 5% discounts on most of Klassic’s products. If you have a set of products in mind, it would also be a good idea to ask if they render special discounts with the packages you’ll consider. If you’re considering some lanyards in Singapore, you can check out your options at Klassic.

Allows for easy payments

Klassic has the major merchants to work in your favor. Some of the payment systems they allow are PayPal, Visa, American Express and Master Card. If you’re considering some gifts in Singapore, you need not fret if Klassic can process your payments since they accept major credit cards and facilities.

Provides tips through blogs

Whether it’s your first time to purchase some corporate gifts or you’d like to check on newer ideas in merchandise items, you can check some tips through the blog portion of Klassic. Their creative tips should help you in choosing which sets of items would work well on your next giveaway project.


About Klassic

Klassic is an online retailer which carries hundreds of gift ideas to fit your merchandising objectives. They allow for personalized small gifts, drinkware, electronics and gadgets, bags, lifestyle items and wholesale merchandise. Aside from providing discounts, they also allow for free deliveries among their clients. For more information and tips about corporate gift giving, you may see their website http://klassic.com.sg/ today.

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