Le-eikon launched program for THE Eikōn Brand Ambassador


Eikōn, the first dedicated online active wear retailer based in Singapore, launched a program to search for its Brand Ambassador.

The company is in search of it brand ambassador who’ll rightly fit in the criteria set by the online active wear shop at the same time follow the conditions included in the program. Eikōn divided the program into four parts – believe, be involve and connect, promote the brand, and social media. These will all tackle on the idea of partnership and collaboration with the brand grounded on trust and loyalty.

For the first part of the program, the ambassador is assumed to believe in the quality of the product and to knack of the company to deliver and provide services that even before being their brand ambassador, you are loyal to the brand through patronizing its sports wear items and believing in the team behind the company. Furthermore, the ambassador have to give an honest feedback on its products as well as his/her perspective about the program itself.

The next part is about being active and involved in the community. The ambassador should conduct his/her own fitness lessons or programs. He/she should also be seen to have an enthusiasm in sharing these fitness methods and programs by postings videos and blogging. The community that shares the same lifestyle should also recognized him/her as an active member and participant. Bringing more people into the community to unravel their potentials as individuals and what you can do as a group is part of this phase of the programme.

Promoting the brand is most certainly included in the programme. As a brand ambassador of Eikōn, he/she should promote the brand in anyway he/she can with his/her total faith in the brands and its products. As the company says, “Nothing beats in action”. He/she should also capture every instances in which he/she wears the clothing products making use of camera to take photographs and videos. Blogging about the experience is also encouraged by the company to the brand ambassador.

Lastly, the brand ambassor should keep in tune on the latest Social Media platform such as facebook, twitter and instagram and make sure that he/she can utilize these channels to promote the brand in a way that is impactful to the audience. Having Personal blog sites is a plus point as it can reach the internet savvy individuals who seek to discover new brands and clothing products.

About Eikōn:
Eikōn is the first dedicated online active wear retailer based in Singapore. With it’s motto, “Train to Win and Play to Win”, the company aims to deliver winning formulas to our customers’ doorstep through providing a comprehensive selection of affordable, quality and comfortable active wear. They offer a wide variety of sports wear for both men and women. Other kinds of workout outfits such as Yoga clothes and Pilates outfits are also offered online. Moreover, Eikōnalso believes that every piece of apparel is part of a winning formula for all athletes To find out more about the companies and its sports wear collection, visit: http://www.le-eikon.com.sg/

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