Le Steamboat brings the party straight to your home


Le Steamboat is an online food delivery service that is based in Singapore. It used to be a food supply business, so they have knowledge on where to get the fresh and most delicious ingredients around. Now they specialize in steamboat food – hot pot, as other countries call it – and they bring only the best, and the freshest steamboat products straight to your homes.

Steamboat, or hot pot as some of us calls it, is a fondue dish where pieces of different kinds of meat, fish, vegetables and mushrooms are placed in a metal pot filled with simmering stock and various kinds of stew. It is a favorite food in Singapore, and in a lot of other countries in Asia. There are a lot of restaurants in Singapore that has steamboat catering, but if you want a trouble-free steamboat party at your own home, a steamboat delivery is just the thing for you.

For those who are having trouble with their party plans, or those who just want to may want to check on Le Steamboat’s services. Steamboat food is best enjoyed by groups of friends, and if you are planning to have a dinner party, or you just want to enjoy warm food together with your loved ones, it is the perfect choice for you. They offer a lot of set meal packages. They have the Seafood Fanatic, consisting of Dory fish slices, scallops, and fresh glass prawns. The Meat Lovers package is all about pork cuts and chicken slices. Gimme Greens is the right choice if you’re a vegetarian: veggie lovers are going to enjoy the hodgepodge of mushrooms and leafy greens. But if you’re not picky and are planning an all-out steamboat bonanza, the All About Steamboat is the perfect meal package for you.

Le Steamboat provides steamboat ingredients that come straight from Marsling, which was one of the largest wet markets in Singapore. The ingredients are carefully packed before delivered to your doorstep. Thus customers are given nothing but the fresh cuts of meat and fish for their hot pot. They also provide drinks and even chopsticks and serviettes for you. Le Steamboat wants their customers to enjoy their steamboat without the bother of making all the preparations. They even have their own customized deodorizer so that your home is rid of steamboat smell once the party is over.

All of your steamboat preparations and catering problems are covered by Le Steamboat, from food to drinks and other necessities. With their efficient service, Le Steamboat makes catering easy and convenient. So go on, start a party at your own home. Le Steamboat is going to back you up, and it only takes one click.

About Le Steamboat
Le Steamboat started out as a food supply business, but soon transformed into an online food delivery service in Singapore. It is their pleasure to assist you in preparing for your party of gathering. Le Steamboat aims to bring fresh, healthy and delicious steamboat food straight to your doorstep. If you want to know more about Le Steamboat, please visit their website: http://www.lesteamboat.com/.

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