Stanford Language Centre, a group of like-minded private tutors and teachers which dedicate themselves in Asian Languages with the rationale of establishing eminent and affordable language center in Singapore opened its new course Conversation Vietnamese Lessons.

This language course makes learning Vietnamese easy for adults, in which they can surely learn to speak Vietnamese in just two months! This two-month Conversational Vietnamese Lessons in Singapore for Adults course features several of strategies and techniques to make learning the language much easier and faster. For instance, it uses modern teaching strategies to teach communication skills to non Vietnamese speaker. Also, the students will get to learn necessary vocabulary, expression, grammar rules and sentences pattern use in every speech.

What more, they also get to learn on how to adapt the practical and natural speech currently in use by the Vietnamese people. This is through the dynamic practice in pronunciation and communication to be facilitated by the language tutors. In this course, the speaking and listening skills are likewise emphasized. Most importantly, they provide clear and logical exercises incorporated with modern languages teaching method to effectively teach the essential and practical usage of the language.

The two-month Conversation Vietnamese Lessons in Singapore for Adults course offers a new class schedule. For Elementary Vietnamese Lessons Singapore Level 1, students can enroll for schedule every Sunday staring August 30, from 3:30-5:00pm. They are advised to register before August 31 so they could avail the ten (10) lessons of Basic Vietnamese lessons for only $178. Students who wish to enroll on the schedule they desire can send their reservation via email at info@stanford.com.sg or they may also call 96562095 or 97379914 for more information on Vietnamese Course Singapore New Schedule.

Stanford provides courses for conversational Mandarin, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and French languages. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive lesson plan that caters and works towards helping students to achieve success and improvement in their journey towards mastering the language they study. Stanford Language global has served and educated countless of students that have embarking on mastering the skills of the languages. They offer one of the best Mandarin courses in Singapore as well as the most effective Thai classes in Singapore for adults. This is mainly because of its authentic native teachers which have also enabled the company to live up to and even exceed the expectations of students in helping them master their desired language.

Stanford is committed to providing the students a life-long learning while being the mastery of languages. The company also aspires to be the most reasonably priced Asian language provider in town, and is after the mission of providing quality conversational language training by being keen in effectiveness on its trainings.

Stanford Language Centre is a company in Singapore comprised of a group of like-minded private tutors and teachers specializing in Asian Languages and aim to provide quality and affordable language center in Singapore. For more information, visit: www.stanford.com.sg

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