Learn Mandarin in SG: Mandarin class for adults now offered in Language Works


language-works-offer-mandarin-classes-in-singaporeSingapore – If you are seeking the best way to learn Mandarin in Singapore, Language Works is one of the top choices to consider.  The language school has professional tutors that help students in learning to speak Mandarin. They devised a program for business Mandarin classes as they see the importance of Mandarin, especially in the field of business. After all, mandarin is said to be the language of the future.

“Alongside our general English courses, we have now expanded to offering Mandarin classes for adults. We ensure students who are eager to learn Mandarin are engaged in effective modelling and role play, as well as focus on pronunciation, expressions, idioms, grammar, and the correct use of vocabulary in each class.”, said the company.

The programme usually consists of 15 classes. The intensity and level of difficulty of the lessons depend on the level of courses students to choose. Students have 6 options which include Elementary I, II, Intermediate I, II, Advanced I, II.

Instructors and language tutors will work on the Business and everyday Mandarin communication skills of their students where they will hone the speaking, reading, and communication skills.

For Intermediate I and II classes, students will be given 30 hours divided into 15 classes for them to learn and master Mandarin. At the end of the Mandarin course, the students are expected to master the basics where they would be able to properly read, pronounce and understand words then consequently speak it. With such, they will be equipped and for more in-depth understanding and mastery of the language.

The importance of Mandarin is highly evident today, especially in the world of business and trade. As a matter of fact, the language is vastly spoken in different parts of the world. Thus, learning business Mandarin or simply taking Mandarin courses is a step towards becoming a globally ready and competent individual.

About the company:

Language Works conducts customised training, full- and part-time courses, and intensive and express workshops in the area of Communication, English, Mandarin, and Customer Service to organisations and individuals, helping create positive change in relationships. As a partner of the Speak Good English Movement since 2012, Language Works raises awareness to the public by holding workshops at libraries.

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