Dr. Leslie Ng, a certified surgeon for innovative lateral access spine surgery, provides outstanding medical services in treatment of various degenerative spine diseases through the advance use of technology for safe and cost effective surgical treatment.

His exceptional credentials and expertise in the medical field provides assurance in giving effective treatment for people with spine problems. In point of fact, he pioneers the use of third generation minimally invasive treatment of osteoporosis vertebra fracture with miniature titanium implant – one among several medical services he specializes in.

Being a United Kingdom – European Community (EU) trained Spine Specialist, Dr. Leslie Ng is incredibly passionate in the treatment of degenerative spine diseases. He is known for standing vanguard in the field of spine surgery and being knowledgeable in the use of advance technology which includes the use of ultrasonic bone scalpel rather than traditional bone cutter that may endanger the nerve and utilizing real time nerve root monitoring devices during spine surgery to prevent nerve injury.

For he focused on developing advance spine surgical technique for complex spine deformity and pathologies, he was able to successfully integrate the medical knowledge he sharpened while at several prestigious medical schools the world over.

That is why in his current medical practices, he uses the advanced technological processes for safer and less expensive treatment for patients. One of which is his use of the Mazor Robotic – a robotic guidance system that transforms free hand image guided technique into a state of the art robotic assistant in surgery. Through this robotic system, the surgeon can plan the surgery before entering the operating room to shorten operating time and reduce x-ray radiation. It is generally indicated for patients with abnormal anatomy or high-risk cases.

Moreso, he also uses O-arm computer navigated surgery – an imaging technology that provides the surgeon with real time multi-planar images during spine surgery, deployed for complex spine cases.

Dr Leslie Ng pioneered the use of third generation minimally invasive treatment of osteoporosis vertebra fracture with miniature titanium implant. This is one among several treatments in degenerative spine disease that he is incredibly passionate in.

He is also a certified user of lateral access spine surgery, as authorized by the United States. He also conceptualized the technique of ‘indirect decompression’ of spinal canal, a ground breaking process which, for the first time made possible the performance of lumbar inter-body fusion with decompression of the spinal canal with total preservation of facets joint. This is nothing like the standard technique of transforaminal inter-body fusion technique, which requires removal of facets joint.

Dr. Leslie Ng is a certified surgeon for innovative lateral access spine surgery and a United Kingdom/ European Community (EU)/Singapore certified Specialist who gained two years fellowship in minimally invasive and deformity corrective spine surgery and uses robotic and O-arm computer navigated spine surgery among other specialization he practices his expertise in. For more information, visit: www.spineorthospecialist.com

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