Lessons for the Little Artist: Art Classes for Kids


Drawpaint Singapore offers arts lessons for kids in SingaporeEvery child has a gift. They are all born with potential, which will make them do great things in the future. But of course, this can only be possible if their talents are properly nurtured.

And when you see that your child has the gift, and most importantly, the passion for arts, there is nothing better than letting them explore their potential and nurture their talent, by means of proper education.

There are a lot of art clubs and classes offered in schools all over Singapore, but it is best to learn from people who truly have a deep knowledge of arts, as well as the capabilities of a teacher who can bring out the best in your child.

Classical Realism Singapore is a school that is dedicated when it comes to helping children become the artist that they shall be. It is under the Clayton Hudnall Fine Arts Education. This is a school that helps others unleash their talent for arts by helping them master skills which they may need to create realistic masterpieces.

They offer a variety of art classes for kids, as well as for adults in Singapore. Here, the kids will receive art lessons, from drawing lessons to painting lessons. Drawing classes will teach them various principles and techniques needed in order for them to learn how to draw portraits and other things in a realistic manner. They will be taught blocking, shading, even things such as anatomy and proportion.

Aside from drawing classes there is also painting classes being offered. The children will be taught everything from the basics to the various traditional techniques from the Renaissance to the 19th century. They will learn everything from how to properly use painting materials to the effective use of a variety of paint application techniques.

Classical Realism Singapore may just be the stepping stone for your children to unleash their inner artist.

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