Let Your Child Join the National Public Speaking Competition Today!


Want to showcase your child’s speaking prowess? Or perhaps you’d like for him or her to be well-exposed to various skill enhancing engagements. Then you’d definitely appreciate the Public Speaking Academy’s National Public Speaking Competition. This yearly event is held for secondary and tertiary level students to practice, enhance and challenge their public speaking skills.


What is the National Public Speaking Competition?

The event is arranged by the Public Speaking Academy to promote a mutual learning environment. While the competition can get quite challenging, you’ll be sure your child will be enjoying the event as she or she makes friends along the way. It would also be highly advisable for your son or daughter to take up a public speaking course so complete preparation may be achieved.

Some of the National Public Speaking Competition’s objectives would be to encourage students, towards expressing themselves on a nationwide platform. The national contest’s activities also encourage an interactive environment, and this should also enhance your child’s socialization skills among his or her peers. The competition additionally allows for your son or daughter to share talents with co-competitors.


Why must your child join the competition?

Upon preparing, registering and being part of the national contest, your child will be taking valuable life lessons and apply them in their upcoming learning journeys. The National Public Speaking Competition can get quite intense, yet it promotes camaraderie. It also encourages students to speak their minds. The entire experience should be a student’s culminating activity when it comes to public speaking training, and will find its lessons practical to apply in various speaking engagements.


The competition’s details

The Public Speaking Academy’s, National Public Speaking Competition has three main stages. These include Registration, Qualifying Rounds and Grand Finals. The Registration round entails for Singapore’s schools to enlist 10 students each, for the Secondary and Tertiary categories. The Qualifying Round will be another chance for the participants to showcase their talents and meet, or even go beyond the competition’s standards for judging.

After the Qualifying Round which enables students to compete when it comes to presenting their public speaking skills, the ones who’ll qualify will then be reaching the Grand Finals. The final stage will serve as an opportunity for the students to compete, towards being given the 1st and 2nd Runners Up along with the National Champion awards.

If your child is aiming to join the competition, he or she must then prepare for the National Prepared Speech and National Impromptu Speech. To be eligible, contestants must be sure to meet the competition’s required age groups and they must also have good standing.


About the Public Speaking Academy

As a corporate entity, the Public Speaking Academy offers personal and professional courses for students who would like to improve their public speaking skills. The school sees the importance of having effective communication skills, hence customized and standard courses are available for enrollees to check out. For more details, visit their site at: http://publicspeakingacademy.com.sg/.

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