Liposonix Slimming Treatment at O Medical Clinic


For those who think that liposuction is not the best quick remedy for them to lose the unwanted fats on their bellies, it may seem that there is no other alternative but to go the route of exercise and dieting.  Of course, this is the route that not everyone wants to take because aside from the fact that it takes a lot of sacrifices, the results are also slow to appear.  Liposuction does sound a bit dangerous to many.  But with the liposonix slimming treatment by O Medical Clinic, the women in Singapore who wish to look sexier definitely have reason to celebrate.

Liposuction is invasive and requires surgery.  With the videos being posted online on how the procedure is done, many women have concluded that it may be too risky for them.  Fortunately, liposonix provide them with the safer alternative.  This does not involve no surgery and no foreign material is inserted into the particular part of the body to siphon off the unwanted fat.  Instead, the procedure is basically at the surface only of the said part.  This new technology was first introduced in the United States but ever since it was proven to be just as effective as liposuction minus the risks, it has been carried out by medical aesthetic clinics in different parts of the globe.

Liposonix removes the fat cells by subjecting it to High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.  Once the fat cells are impacted by the ultrasound waves, these are killed and significantly reduced.  A medical aesthetics practitioner from O Medical Clinic has said that what is greatly appreciated by their clients who have undergone the procedure is that it is totally devoid of pain.  The patient may feel the ultrasound waves on her body but this is not at all painful. After the procedure, the body can then naturally get rid of the dead fat cells by simply excreting it.

Not everyone may be eligible for a liposonix procedure though.  For it to be safely conducted, the patient should have at least one inch of fat under the skin. It must be pointed out though that is only good for individuals who are not really that fat but who simply want to shed off the extra fats they already have.  Once a person has BMI that is more than 30, then it is recommended that a liposuction is performed.  In this regard, a liposonix may not be very effective.  Nevertheless, many women who simply want to have a slimmer waistline or a flatter belly have come to O Medical Clinic for liposonix.

About O Medical Clinic:

O Medical Clinic is one of the leaders in medical aesthetics in Singapore.  Its wide array of services related to aesthetic medicine has been its major attraction.  However, what has made it very credible is that it has already 10 long years of experience in the said field.  This experience has been considered by its management as its main capital.  Aside from this, the clinic is proud to announce that it has kept its operations efficient and effective with the use of advanced technology.  Get to know more about the clinic at

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