LiveFit.Asia Offers Great Incentives to Returning Customers with their Rewards Program



LiveFit.Asia makes it relatively easy for their customers to purchase health supplements on a repeated basis with its innovative rewards system.

LiveFit.Asia understands the constant need to supply their customers with pre workout supplements they can use for their diet and exercise regime. You might be surprised on how fast the rate of these products can run out especially if used on a regular day to day basis. In an effort to make supplements in Singapore more accessible to a huge number of individuals, LiveFit.Asia has taken the necessary measures in order to provide these items regularly over their online digital store while at the same time offering returning customers great rewards which accumulates over repeated purchase.

How this works is that all customers who registered at LiveFit.Asia’s online store are eligible for their reward system free of charge. Upon creation, the reward points will be automatically credited to their account which allows for seamless and hassle free process of weight loss supplement and other related purchases. Customers are able to earn 1 LiveFit.Asia point for every $1 spent over their online store. This makes the acquisition of whey protein powder or perhaps optimum nutrition products in Singapore even easier as customers are rewarded for their efforts. Furthermore, customers will also be able to receive 500 bonus LiveFit.Asia points on their birthday. To make use of this bonus, customer’s birth date must be added 30 days or more before the actual date in order to receive their birthday points.

Customers are able to check the overall status or balance of their reward points by simply logging in to LiveFit.Asia’s website. Here, they can click on the red coloured LiveFit.Asia Rewards tab on the bottom right of the screen to see their reward points. Redeeming is also made simple. Once logged in, customers will also be able to click on the rewards header to see the various Rewards on offer and the Rewards they are eligible for. The particular reward once redeemed, a confirmation email will be sent to customers. Rewards range from $5, $10, $20, to up to $50 discount.

It is good to hear that LiveFit.Asia is rewarding their loyal clients while at the same time welcomes new ones to their website. As a result, customers are able to save a great deal of time and resources which is important when looking for a regular supply of health supplements. Purchase is also made simple and easy with requiring a few clicks of a button to complete.

About LiveFit.Asia:

LiveFit.Asia offers the Lowest Prices on Trusted Supplements, Vitamins & Fitness Gear with Free Next-Day Delivery to their customers’ doorsteps. The company believes that transformation for a healthier body and fitter lifestyle requires the right balance of Training + Nutrition + Recovery, and they aim to make it quick, easy and affordable for their customers to achieve their goals. To find out more, you can head over to their website at


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