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image_811Whether you’re working at a production floor or you’d like to track your railway systems, it’s necessary for you to have a helpful ally throughout your operations. This is where you’ll need the state-of-the-art equipment of TNS. If you’re looking for a panel pc in Singapore, it’s advisable to look through their site.

The 10.4 inch Touch Panel PC GOT 3106T-832

This heavy duty panel is advisable to be used for transportation and surveillance operations. If you also have a building automation business, this unit would be exactly what you’ll need.

As you consider this to be a part of your managed ethernet switch system, you’d be relieved about how the panel has a fan-less cooling system. It also has the Intel Atom N2600 with a 1.6 GHz capacity. With the use of a PCIe Mini Card, this should be useful for easy expansion.

10.4 inch Touch Panel PC GOT 5100T-834

Looking for a sleek and modern style panel? Then the 10.4 inch Touch Panel PC GOT 5100T-834would suit your requirements just fine. It comes with an Intel Celeron Processor at a 2.42 GHz capacity. It also has a LED backlight with its LCD display.

As you look for a Panel PC in Singapore, you’d be glad to find how it comes with a plastic and IP65 rated front bezel design. If you’d like for your touch panel to be supported with RFID then you’d be delighted to know how GOT 5100T-834unit has an optional feature for the option.

10.4 inch Touch Panel PC GOT 710-837 for Railway Systems

Do you need a panel which minimizes the sun’s glare, towards ensuring readability? Then you’d be glad to find how GOT 710-837has a sunlight readable feature. It also has a SVGA-high brightness quality, which includes an alternative keypad control in the front bezel.

TNS has this product available, with a wide operating temperature which ranges from less than 25ºC up to over 70ºC. It can endure extreme conditions, which makes your search for panel PC Singapore worth the effort. It can even go fan-less, with an Intel® Atom processor E3845 at 1.91 GHz in capacity.

12.1 inch Touch Panel PC GOT 3126T-834

For those looking for a sturdy monitor while running their transportation, building automation or surveillance operations, they can consider the GOT 3126T-834. This can support various types of mounting preferences, from panels, walls, VESA arms and even up to desktop stands.

About TNS

TNS is Singapore’s, leading distributor of industrial networking and computing materials for B2B-based organizations. Some of the products they sell include Industrial Ethernet, Serial Connectivity, Industrial Computer, Remote Automation, Video Surveillance and Accessories such as cables and mounting kits.

To know more about their solutions, be sure to visit their site at http://www.tns.com.sg/. Upgrade your current network and computing set up, towards efficiently running your day to day operations. You can further ask for more details about their products and services, by contacting their specialists today.

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