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While Singapore has numerous real estate firms for investors to choose from, the South East Group stands distinct with its features for prospective buyers to consider. For instance, South East’s team of agents can back up a buyer or a co-broker when it comes to seeing which types of properties would be highly lucrative. If you’d like to embark on real estate and focus on Property Investment in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or any other city in Australia, then South East would be your best choice.

Rental Management in Australia

Landowners may find it a challenge to choose the best tenants and regulate their corresponding payment systems. This is mostly applicable when they own various types of lots which are available for rentals. If you’re currently an owner of various spaces for rent, it would be practical for you to consider South East Group’s Rental Management feature in Australia.

By working with South East Group, you can have a team of experts who can manage your properties, by sourcing out the best tenants and ensuring your policies get observed. This type of feature is indeed unique among Singapore’s top real estate companies, which is why property owners must certainly try them out. From rent negotiations, inspections, coordination and many more, you’ll be assured to maintain the conditions of your assets while providing win-win negotiations with top tenants.

Why not try co-broking?

Perhaps you may also want to sharpen your skills in the field of real estate. If you have the aptitude for selling and offering services related to real estate, you can also consider joining South East Group’s team of agents. By being a co-broker, you will acquire the keenness and knowledge involved with the essentials of Singapore’s real estate industry. You can particularly enhance your skills in overseas real estate, and know more about property investing in Australia.

Should you become part of South East Group’s team, you’ll readily have access to the best sets of properties throughout Australia. Plus, the company’s commission structures can be quite enticing since they come with bonuses and incentives. By being South East Group’s co-broker, you’ll have a complete set of tools which you’ll need to ensure you’ll be knowledgeable about the industry towards making a sale.

Earn some extra income through client referrals

If you’re yet to be savvy in co-broking but you have a couple of clients who intend to purchase properties, you can consider client referrals. Simply refer a friend, family member, relative or business partner to South East Group’s agents, and you can earn AUD $2,000 for every purchase they make. They surely would be delighted to know about South East’s upcoming projects, which come with enticing facilities within strategic locations.

Check out their seminars

To be further updated about the ever lucrative world of overseas real estate, South East Group also has upcoming events which range from project exhibitions, wealth seminars and some training related talks.

About the company:

South East Property provides real-time, high quality information for property investors in Australia. Each of the company’s highly knowledgeable agents makes sure customers are provided with customized services to ensure a fit in property purchases. To know more about the group, visit: http://www.southeastproperty.org/ today.

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