Royal Suites Serviced Office is a facility management company for serviced offices that offers unique and conducive work spaces for entrepreneurs, start-ups and enterprises to encourage success in business and at the same time, build positive rapport among people working therein.

The company understands the needs in navigating the competitive world of business; like the need to build serious partnerships, to stay connected and build innovative ideas in order to remain in the vanguard of their fields.

Thus, Royal Suites Serviced Offices have built an environment conducive for making those endeavours possible by providing necessary support systems. It offers dedicated private office suites with world class business amenities and a complete suite of customizable business solutions ideal for start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, representative offices and all passionate individuals like artists, photographers and dancers who are in search of something greater.

Companies are assured with convenience on several factors. From the physicality of the offices up to the services and serene ambience the space emanates. Clients are offered with fully-fitted and fully-furnished office suites. They are also free to customize their areas. An instant plug and play solutions is readily installed for their optimum convenient use, and workers can rest assured that they are in safety as there is 24/7 secured access. Most especially is the comfort it can give to clients, as it is provided with 24/7 individually controlled air-conditioning and more so is the complimentary house-keeping and general maintenance.

All these advantages are offered in a flexible rent and starting with no minimum leases. This is the company’s effort in helping companies keep their operational cost low while being given access to many common facilities, Royal Suites also leaves them free to run their own business without extra hassles of maintaining the facilities, as they do all these jobs and leave them with convenience.

Serviced Offices by Royal Suites provide strong connectivity to cultivate the growth of working and sharing in team. The offices are provided with complimentary high speed fiber optic internet connection, with option of LAN connections and Wi-Fi and also, there is connection via cat 6e cabling. Offices are connected inside and outside of the office as there is an installed state of the art digital telephone system with complimentary dedicated company direct fixed line, for the complimentary use on local calls. More so, offices are given the use of professional business address for formal and reliable representation. There is also assistance in mail handling for all parcels and mails, and offices are given access to complimentary use of copier, fax machine and scanner.

Clients are also given free access on many facilities in low start-up cost, which includes the complimentary use of meeting facilities; Royal Meeting Room for informal and Royal Board Room for formal meetings; and Break-out areas for casual meetings.

Royal Suites Serviced Offices also offer Cafe – a spacious and fully stocked cafe that allows residents to rest and recharge and can choose from an array of refreshment choices and complimentary range of coffee, tea and water. This is an area and a relaxed environment that encourages social interactions.
Also, Royal Suites come with Entertainment and Collaboration Area complete with table-tennis table, football table and darting machine. This is also a relaxation area for power napping, strategizing and seeking new business solutions.

What more, it has a royal concierge with unbranded reception area where business comes first, an area for welcoming reception for clients and guests and for handling couriers and mails.

Royal Suites Serviced Offices is a facility management company that offers unique and conducive work spaces for entrepreneurs, start-ups and enterprises for a low cost. It brings forth the hybrid convenience of working at a professional office with the ambience of home’s comfort. Royal Suites Serviced Offices understand that the less the time a company takes in setting up its office, the more time it will has at building its business. For more information, visit: www.royalsuites.com.sg.

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