Maid Services: Make Your Life Easier


Life is extremely fast and hectic in Singapore. Therefore, having a transfer maid is more a necessity than a luxury in this city. Most of the domestic help come from Indonesia and Philippines. There are also others that come from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Today, there are thousands of domestic workers in Singapore. While hiring a domestic help, it is important that you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some guidelines.

transfer maid Singapore

Know your needs with maid agency Singapore

First, it is important to know clearly why you need the services of a maid. While on the lookout, do not expect the maid to be an all-in-one perfect house cleaner, maid, babysitter, waitress and the like.

Just like any of us, a maid too has her weaknesses and strengths. Know your needs to find a maid who is especially proficient in that. While it is good to have your rest of the requirements met as well, keep in mind there are no perfect transfer maids.

Know your maid’s needs

Once you have understood your requirements, it is important to know the needs of your potential maid. You can get the agency to shortlist candidates for you. Understand that just as you are choosing them, they are also choosing you. They are also in search of the right employer and work environment for themselves.

Work preferences

Keep in mind, most maids have work preferences. While some of them may love to take care of children, others may be more proficient in cleaning the house or cooking. Understand the needs of a potential maid and see how they match up with yours. Also, check the chemistry that you and your family may have for a potential help.

Finally, before hiring anyone from a maid agency Singapore, make sure to conduct an interview and do reference checks with her previous employers. After you have found the right maid, do the regulatory paperwork to hire her.

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