Make a Change, Make it today!


Certificate courses at BMC AcademyHave you been losing your drive to go to work lately. Or are you more interested in something that is more meaningful and you are passionate about. Step out of your comfort zone and pick up the journey you wish to embark on. Take a step by step approach and sooner or later you will be at your desired destination.

The motivational power of having a goal!

It is never too late to learn a new thing or two. If enhances your skills it will definitely be a bonus. At BMC, many such short-term certificate courses are available for everyone, regardless of age, to pursue and excel.  Draw a goal table and set your priorities to work towards your goal.  The course available at BMC Academy gives you a lot of options. The certificates will prove to be very valuable to your current job or even your future vocation of choice.  At BMC, courses available certificate in front office operations, certificate in customer service, certificate in book keeping & accounts, certificate in front office operations, certificate in family therapy and even table etiquette workshop

Gratification: Reward yourself!

Every accomplishment deserves a celebration. A mini one at least.  Motivate yourself to your goal and rewards your hard work and achievements when you complete your course.  Or even take your achievement a step further by pursuing advanced certificate courses.   Basically, you will relate up and coming difficulties  and important endeavours to achieve an objective as another opportunity to get satisfied with. Subsequently, you increase your urge to study which allows you to keep up your inspiration. Likewise, your readiness to make a use (e.g. concentration) to achieve the goal will raise, while having rewards at the top of the priority list that you have coveted for quite a while.

One step at a time – avoid prolonging

It is very easy to get carried away with success and miss your next objective. Sticking to your plan of work is important when you are trying to achieve a greater goal. Make it a point  to look around BMC academy,  for higher level courses and workshops that will keep you motivated.

BMC Academy is a highly renowned institution in Singapore. They provide N Level, O Level, Diploma, Degree and certificate courses all under one roof. Website:


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