Making bath renovations worth it: Hemsley shares its tips, tricks and skills for an ultimate Jee-O experience


Bathroom specialist SingaporeSingapore – People nowadays spend more on renovating their bathrooms and kitchens. These two renovations may be a bit costly, but with the help of some design steals, professional tips, and quality products, bathroom designs will bring you to a whole new bathing experience or cooking stint.

Hemsley shares the JEE-O experience to its clients and customers. It is one of the latest concepts when it comes to bathroom atmosphere and bathing experience. Customers are given the option to consider such functional and modish design in building one’s dream bathroom.

According to the spokespersons of the Hemsley, “Jee-O is founded by concept and product designer Lammert Moerman. He envisions the world to experience the ultimate JEE-O feeling and get acquainted with the experience of showering and bathing in endless atmospheres. JEE-O transpires tranquility, peacefulness and space for the body and mind always within the atmosphere of functional luxury.”

“JEE-O is refreshing and ambitious, exclusive and extroverted, tough and bold. All product lines are characterized by its robust and powerful design, always distinctive in simplicity.”, they added.

Integrated with a minimalist concept, the JEE-O from Hemsley creates a powerful and functional bathroom designed to fulfil every hygienic need and bring their customers and clients into an experience like no other- serene atmosphere over a modern kind of living.

JEE-O by DADO has different bathroom accessories such as sink and bath line. The company describes it to be standing out in minimalist design and organic shape. It is the best choice for those who want to keep it simple yet powerful and ultimately efficient in every bathroom needs and hygiene routine.

“The models are cast in their specific form by using a combination of quartz rock and resin named DADOquartz solid surface.”, the company further added.

Hemsley does not only provide designs and concept that suit your bathroom needs and in creating your dream bathroom, they also have a wide selection of toilet accessories which are specifically scratch resistant. It then helps clients maintain and enjoy such bathroom accessories for a longer period of time.

The JEE-O DADO line also is characterized as one which can make people feel as if they are back from the past as the style of the line revolves around nostalgia which comes in white and colorfast. The team from Hemsley accommodates every inquiry they get. So they encourage their clients to raise every concern they have in order to accomplish the best concept and bathroom design for you or your family.

About the company:

For more than 42 years, Hemsley had been making dream bathrooms possible. Providing customers with the best quality products and excellent service, but Hemsley does not stop there. The company provides services for their customers to have a bathroom that is both personalized and at the same time touched with a professionally finished interior. They can guide you toward achieving your dream bathroom.  To find out more, visit:

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