MAL Management Services to facilitate in Goods and Services Tax requirements for different businesses in Singapore


Singapore – Mal Management or simply known as MAL, a well-established one stop corporate service provider in Singapore, provides assistance for Goods and services tax obligation with its efficient and automated systems that are vastly reliable and competent. This is one of the tax services that company has to offer to its valued clients and partners.

“MAL specializes in meeting the basic to complex accounting & tax requirements of businesses in Singapore. A key factor that differentiates us is our ability to add value and also be able to customize according to the client’s needs.” MAL can bend through the needs and demands of the business establishments and companies it handles.

It can also provide services for small-medium firm at a very competitive price where more personal services and business support services are given. The company also surpasses typical services from its other competitors with the services beyond the usual routine accounting services. They can also give helpful financial advice and tax services.

According to the team of professional of MAL, “Goods and Services Tax, widely known as GST is a broad-based consumption tax levied on the import of goods (collected by Singapore Customs), as well as nearly all supplies of goods and services in Singapore. The current rate of GST is 7% for GST-registered businesses.” Moreover, “it is compulsory for a business to register for GST if its annual turnover is expected to exceed or has already exceeded S$1 million from the sales of taxable goods and services.

However, a business with a turnover of less than S$1 million may register for GST voluntarily, subject to the approval of the Comptroller’s discretion. If a business has chosen to volunteer, they must remain registered for a minimum of 2 years and comply with the regulatory requirements.”

With the all the laborious and tedious processes in filling for GST, the assistance of the company is of great help and relieve for those businesses who needs to comply with these unfamiliar tax obligations and dues directives.

MAL can provide services and assistance with the following GST services:

  • Keeping details and records of your income and expenses
  • Mathematically working out the figures on the GST incurred by your income and expenses
  • Filling up your GST forms and tracking your GST returns
  • Paying any GST which you are obligated to
  • GST Registration and Deregistration services
  • MAL offers GST Registration/Deregistration services. Some of the advantages of utilizing such services are as follows:
  • Personalized GST form reminders that are catered to your specific circumstances
  • A secure, yet simple system for handling GST that keeps copies of all records in one place and thus saving you countless amount of time instead of searching them
  • Ability to delegate to us or anyone else that you choose for the completion of returns on your behalf
  • Persistent reminders/alerts when GST returns are close to being due so that you can prepare forms and other documents in advance
  • Immediate confirmation of information transmitted and acknowledgement of receipt of forms

With the company’s competence and reasonably priced service rates, business owners need not to worry on its financial obligations such as tax requirements. The long processes in its filling until the payment procedures which are unlikely familiar to the clients won’t have to be a painstaking tasks to deal with.

About the company:
MAL Management Services Pte Ltd (MAL) is a well-established one stop corporate service provider offering company registration, corporate & individual income tax, GST, corporate secretarial, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and other corporate services. MAL aims to help company to manage its compliance obligations in the most efficient and effective manner. To find out more, visit:

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