Mandai Link Logistics: An integrated cold chain logistics in Singapore


Have you wondered where can you store your perishable items? You need spacious and capacity for your products to ease your business? Do not fret, we are Mandai Link Logistics is Singapore’s leading integrated cold chain system provider for food industry. We proffer a wide range of cold chain solutions to your business in Asia. We have the top quality of cold storage for frozen products that backed by generators that would keep freshness of your products at the suitable temperature.

Our cold stores are highly recommended for perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs and milk. Our cold room storage has equipped with a Permatec System that will preserve your foods from decay. We have the solutions for business like you that are uncertain about how to keep their products safe. With the Advanced Warehouse Management System and the Automated Storage Retrieval system, which are inventory management system that have been widely used in distribution centers for storing and retrieving products that will ease your burden.

The advantages of these systems are significant that would help your items are maintained and well preserve. Mandai Link logistics has the stellar excellent services for cold chain logistics, and with the continued support and encouragement from our partners, we are committed to propel our services to the greater heights. With the suitable storage capacity, our cold rooms have multi temperature capabilities – frozen, chilled and aircon storages. Each of these services has multitude advantages. You can definitely count on us on your food safety.

Freezer storage
Our massive 30m- high cold room is Singapore’s largest automated cold room that helps your perishable items preserved in a good condition.

The temperature in our cold room is 25oC that is save and low energy consumption.

Chiller storage
With the temperature of 2oC to 6oC will sustain your perishable products at the safest level possible.

AirCon Storage
Our 18oc to 22oC refrigerated rooms are intended to safeguard the freshness of your products. Our cold storage rooms are completely temperature adjustable, these cold rooms can be utilized for an array of different functions.

You can also sustain a constant air temperature to avert undesirable circumstances or use the unit for dehumidifying. Our cold storage units are the best solution to shield your goods and products from extreme weather.

As an added advantage, our temperature controlled storage units are flexible, hence they are suits for your goods or products that may come with different size, shapes and temperature requirements.

Therefore, you will not be overwhelming, and can make the necessary changes to encompass your products accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to let us know what you need, we can make it easier process for you.

About the company: Mandai Link Logistics has one of the best services in cold room services in Singapore, aims is to be the leading integrated cold chain systems for food industry to meet the customer’s needs and desire. For more information, visit

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