Mandai Link offers logistics and solutions for Cold chain services and needs


Mandai Link, a cold chain solution provider in Singapore, offers logistics and solutions for Cold chain services and needs. The trusted company is composed of professionals who will handle the operations and services to store, deliver, and transfer products with its quality well-kept-up and fresh.

The expertly executed cold chain services comprises a complete range of temperature-controlled storage designed to meet every needs of their clients. Mandai Link implemented a Permatec System that maintains a high nitrogen/low oxygen atmosphere and are backed by generators to keep perishable goods and products safe, undamaged and fresh.

Mandai Link has sorted their services and solutions in three categories: freezer storage, chiller storage, and aircon storage. Each make use of different logistics to address different demands and needs. The combination of operations, facilities, and trained professionals ensures that the products and goods are delivered and stored safely to guarantee satisfaction to the clients and customers.

The company provided the following three cold chain services and solutions categories:

There is always space for your frozen products – even during peak seasons! Our massive 30m-high cold room is Singapore’s largest automated cold room. Your products are kept at peak quality. The temperature in our cold room is constantly maintained at -25oC behind double-locked doors. This helps keep energy consumption low.

Your chilled food is kept food-grade safe in our chiller rooms, at a temperature of 2oC to 6oC. Food safety is our top priority, and thus we store your perishables at the safest possible level.

We help you bring nature’s bounty from all corners of the world to your customer, as fresh as they are at the time of harvest! Our 18oC to 22oC refrigerated rooms can be counted on to maintain the freshness of your products.

These categories are designed to accommodate different kinds of perishable goods. Moreover, these use freezers, refrigerators, and chillers that are set at different cold temperature that addresses the needs of different goods since every food requires intensities of temperature to slow down growth of bacteria or stop through the process of freezing.

The company also extends it expertise for Cold chain in Asia providing satisfactory services across the continent.

About Mandai Link:
The Mandai Link Logistics is committed to meeting the needs with complete cold chain solutions. Its clients and customers can have peace of mind, knowing that their customers will receive the products at the height of quality that only an expert with sophisticated technologies can deliver. What makes Mandai Link different is its people. Mandai Link understand that their client’s customers want nothing but the best for their loved ones. Hence, the companiespersonnel are trained to treat products entrusted to our care professionally and responsibly. From the time of arrival at the docks till the time they reach customers, you can rely on our people to keep your products safe.To find out more, visit:

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