How to master Microsoft Excel?


Do you know that mastering something requires at least 10,000 hours of practice? Just kidding. You do not need that many hours just to master Microsoft Excel to help you run your job well. All you need is just someone who is experienced to guide you along the technicalities in using Microsoft Excel. There are a lot of hidden shortcuts and functions that one would never be able to fully explore on their own or relate it to practical usages if they have never really been extensively keeping in contact with this software. The best way to do this is to attend Microsoft Excel training that is hosted by COMAT where they have gurus to lead you into mastering this software step by step.

Types of Excel training cater to different users

There are a lot of Microsoft Excel training courses available at COMAT, from basic, intermediate, to advanced learners courses. These are also further divided into different software versions depending on what you are currently using on your computer. If you need a certification for your attendance and endorsement of your skills proficiency, they also have courses which offer ICDL Certification and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification. Going through these courses would definitely make you an expert as you now know the tips and tricks on your fingertips to use Microsoft Excel at ease.

Consider the different versions of Excel you want to learn

After attending some basic Microsoft Excel training courses, you might want to attend advanced classes such as Excel formulas courses to get in depth and get to the core of Excel’s potential in helping everyone solve their problems. Different versions of Microsoft Excel (2007, 2010, and 2013) have different, if not more expansive, set of formulas that are designed to ease one’s job in analysing data, forming charts, calculating accounts and creating databases. These Excel formulas courses would greatly enhance your knowledge in utilizing this seemingly simple software.

excel-trainingTo become a master at Excel, you need to be able to relate the functions into practical usage. The application and frequent practice of using its functions and formulas would be the best way of internalizing your knowledge of Excel. You could also get to learn automation of Excel, which requires some programming language, which would then help you perform simple repetitive tasks that are traditionally time consuming. Do not wait to sharpen your Excel skills today. Whatever that you have learn will come in handy at work someday somehow.


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