Mini Outfitters Adds Decors & Toys Expanding their Product Selection Even Further


minioutfittersMini Outfitters introduces decors & toys adding them in the mix with baby clothes in Singapore that are available over their online digital store front.

Mini Outfitters wishes to provide their customers with tons of options and variety with kid’s clothes in Singapore. This is the reason why online users will be able to find the likes of Armani junior and other designer children’s clothes available for purchase. With that being said, clothing and apparel is not the only thing kids require in today and this is what this store understands.

Mini Outfitters adds decors & toys that are also available at discount prices over their website. This includes Baby Cottons’ Western Horse Toy and Western Doll. There is also Bobo Buddies’ Lulla Elephant Backpack, Pillow & Blanket, Dusty Toddler Backpack and Reins, Curly Toddler Backpack and Reins. These are considered great complementary items that go quite well with your purchase of Kids clothes online. Kids will not only be receiving branded baby clothes in Singapore but parents can also surprise them by bringing them toys they can play around with.

It should be noted that the main focus of Mini Outfitters still revolves around dresses for girls and boys fashion. Customers need not to fret as kids dress is still their main focus and this is quite apparent with the store offering a vast and extensive brand line of children clothes from A to Z. New items are also being added to their website and customers can easily get up to date with the latest items simply by clicking the “latest arrival” under the “New In” section. This in turn, helps save their customers a fair amount of time when looking for new set of clothing for their children to wear.

It is good to hear that the people behind Mini Outfitters are taking the necessary measures in order to provide new items to their customers. The added selection of décor & toys helps provide a breath of fresh air for customers looking to find children’s clothes in Singapore over the internet. This in turn makes shopping at Mini Outfitters’ online digital store front a more fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Buying children’s clothing  is also a breeze with the free shipment and delivery within Singapore the store provides as well. As a result, customers are able to save a fair amount of time in the process.

About Mini Outfitters:

Mini Outfitters is an online designer wear store for kids 0-16 years offering over 50 international brands at accessible prices. Founded by London-based fashion insider Fonny Bunjamin and Singapore-based ex-banker and mother of two, Sook Tan, Mini Outfitters offers discounts achieved through negotiating and buying off-season collections across Europe and US. Access to such exclusive labels comes about due to Co-Founder Fonny Bunjamin’s decade-long merchandising experience at top European fashion houses such as Burberry and Stella McCartney. To find out more, you can head over to their website at


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