Mini Outfitters Launches Clearance Sale


Even as it is already known for its low prices, Mini Outfitters has once again caught its customers by surprise when it declared that it is holding a clearance sale.  This is of course a very sweet surprise as the prices for selected items have been slashed by 30 percent. This resulted into a frenzy by the online store’s loyal customers and has encouraged new ones to actually try the clothing lines that it is selling.  The management of the store has stated that at the first day of the clearance sale, they immediately gained a surge in sales, with orders coming from the local market and abroad.

According to the management of Mini Outfitters, they did not only launch the sale in order to dispose of the items that have long been in its inventory. This is also an expression of gratitude on the part of the management and personnel.  They said that the success of the online store would not have been made possible if it did not gain the support and loyalty of its client base.   Apparently, the increasing revenues from its sales are the results of the continued trust and confidence placed on the store by its customers.

The variety of items that are covered by the clearance sale is another factor that customers would surely love.  This ranges from boys’ to girls’ clothing.  There are also many baby clothes that are covered by the sale.  Parents who wish to order such items can just go to the website of Mini Outfitters and click for the pages dedicated to the clothes that are included in the clearance sale. With the choices so varied, it is very unlikely that customers would not find any single item that they wish to purchase at the lowest price possible.  Orders can be immediately done from there.

What is even made more amazing is that even the branded items are covered by the sale.  There are those of Armani Junior, Hucklebones, Monnalisa, and BoBo Buddies that are being offered at very low prices.  Of course, these may normally be expensive from the point of view of many.  But with the sale going on, acquiring these has become less painful or burdensome on the pocket.  The parents who wish to get their kids the best clothes without having to pay much would certainly appreciate the deal.  In fact, according the Mini Outfitters management, the spike in their sales in the past few days proves this point.

About Mini Outfitters

As an online store based in Singapore, Mini Outfitters has surprised many with its aggressive sales and promotion.  For the past years that it has operated, it has succeeded in expanding its share of the market. It focuses on clothes for kids ranging from age 0 to 16.  Offering lower prices compared to other shops, it has seen an ever-growing client base. The company is managed by a fashion designer who loves kids and a doting mother of two.  For those who wish to know more about the company, visit

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