Mini Outfitters offers designer kids dress online


Mini Outfitters is an online shopping store that offers top quality kids fashion in Singapore. They are the country’s one-stop shop for the best designer kids dress, offering fabulous children’s clothing from over 50 international brands, which you can buy online.

Parents who are looking for the best designer children’s fashion in Singapore will appreciate what Mini Outfitters has in store for them. Mini Outfitters is the leading online store in Singapore that offers the latest and most stylish dresses for girls and boys’ clothes, as well as the best branded baby clothing today.

The company was established thanks to the efforts of its founders: the fashion insider Fonny Bunjamin and the Singapore-based ex-banker Sook Tan, who is also a mother of two children. They want Moms and Dads all over Singapore to be able to easily shop for top quality fashion for their little boys and girls. Thus they decided to set up an online shop that offers the best designer kids clothes in Singapore. Thanks to Fonny’s decades-long merchandising experience at renowned European fashion houses like Burberry and Stella McCartney, as well as Sook’s experience in banking and finance, parents all over Singapore now has an online shop where they can easily buy the best branded children’s clothes today.

And the best part? These designer children’s clothes come at an affordable price. Mini Outfitters provides brands like Armani Junior, Stella McCartney, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs, but rest assured they come in a price range way cheaper than those you find in the malls today. They buy off-season collections across Europe and the US, and sell them at a discounted price. They even offer special discounts to members.

You will always get to have a fun and easy online shopping experience at Mini Outfitters. With the wide range of chic designer children’s clothing, customers will never run out of choices. They have kids clothes for all seasons and occasions. Browse through hundreds of chic and stylish clothes, from baby rompers to fashionable outfits from globally famous fashion houses like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Levi’s, and so much more. No more having to drive to the department stores; just open your web browser and shop online, and have your child’s stylish new clothes delivered straight to your own home.

Shopping for adorable kids fashion has never been this fun before. With Mini Outfitters, you can shop for the best designer clothes for children in Singapore. Shop online and see all the stylish things which they have for your darling little kids.

About Mini Outfitters:

Mini Outfitters is an online destination for designer wear for kids that are 0-16 years old. Founded by London-based fashion designer Fonny Bunjamin and Singapore-based ex-banker Sook Tan, this online store offers kids’ fashion from over 50 international brands. Members can buy affordable children’s designer clothes from famous names such as Armani Junior, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana.

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