Mummy’s massage answers why mothers need post natal massage


Mummy’s massage, Singapore’s leading prenatal and post natal massage therapy company offering service exclusive to mothers only, provided for answers why mothers need post natal massage after delivery. The company unravels the vague notions about post natal massage, its procedure, and the benefits attached to it. Jamu massage is also incorporated by Mummy’s massage as one of their own means for an effective post natal massage.

When asked about what post natal massage is, the company answers, “Post Natal Massage is a form of therapy and healing regime highly recommended even by Doctors. Post Natal massage have been a long standing Asian tradition. This is one of the secrets to Asian women have been looking younger than Westerners counterparts of the same age.”

They have used the Asian touch to help mothers recover from the stage of pregnancy to childbirth not only in terms of physical needs but also on emotional and psychological aspects as well. It is a natural technique that suits every post natal recovery necessities and needs.

The company also differentiated post natal massage with the normal massage saying, “Massage Therapy is applying different techniques to the soft tissues on the body intended to give health benefits and relief pain or tension. It is the oldest known healing art documented way back from 3000 years ago from the Chinese, and traces has been found in the Hindus, all the way to the Egyptian, Persian and Greek cultures and across the world in the Latin Americans. Post Natal Massage is massage therapy pre designed specifically for mothers who have just given birth. Its techniques and areas of focus have been tailored to maximise benefits according to the physiology and condition of the body after it has been subjected to the trauma and pressure of child birth.”

The company also mentioned that post natal massage can touch on the medical benefits of the massage such as reduce post surgery adhesion & swelling, improve blood circulation; more oxygen & nutrients reach the soft tissues & vital organs, faster cell repair to reduce scars and stretch marks and reduce complications, diastasis, prolapsed uterus.

For pain management, the post natal massage improves body posture reducing low back pain; releases restrictions in muscles and joints for ease and flexibility of movement; relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles; and reduce spasms and cramping.

It has also slimming benefits namely contour your body back into your original shape with massage therapy, aromatherapy and slimming wraps, tone up overstretch areas by making skin taut and compressed in original shape and reshape body and flatten tummy.

About Mummy’s massage:

Mummy’s massage is Singapore’s leading prenatal and postnatal massage therapy company offering service exclusive to mothers only. It provides various massage therapy and services addressing the common concerns and problems of mother-to-be’s. The company is founded by Salwa Salim, a healthcare professional specialising in Women & Baby’s health. To find out more, visit:

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