Mummy’s Massage Has the Total Package for Mothers


With its total pampering treatments, Mummy’s Massage offers substantial reasons for new mums to enjoy the beginnings of their motherhood. The team of healthcare experts was founded by Salwa Salim. She envisioned for the company’s services to offer relief and complete care, exclusively for mothers.

Their specializations mainly range from Prenatal and Post Natal Massage. Mummy’s Massage further extends its offerings to Jamu Massage, caring to foster fertility and many more.

It’s a must to get a Post Natal Massage in Singapore

Mummy’s Massage understands how carrying your new born for nine whole months can lead to related stresses. These include experiencing stress in your muscles, reproductive system and your entire body. New mums may even be at risk of going through the dangers of postnatal depression. This is why it’s even more necessary for you to consider a post natal massage if you recently gave birth.

By getting yourself pampered by health experts from Mummy’s Massage, you will notice lesser swelling in your body. You can also see further improvement in your circulation, along with an enhanced immune system. You’ll additionally find how your pain can get more manageable, as you give yourself better chances of slimming down through the contouring features of Jamu Massage.

Choose from their variety of Post Natal Programs

The Post Natal Packages of Mummy’s Massage include:

  • Post Natal Massage – 60 minutes
  • Jamu and Slimming Wraps – 15 minutes
  • Full Body Heat Therapy – 15 minutes
  • Uterus Care Heat Therapy – 15 minutes
  • Breast Care Heat Therapy – 15 minutes
  • Slimming Thermotherapy – 20 minutes

Your chosen packages will vary, depending on the frequencies by which the mentioned treatments will be carried out.

If you’re in the healthy disposition to take the Ultimate Royal Health Slimming treatment, then you can get pampered with 15 sessions of postnatal massages, and another 15 sessions of slimming wraps. You can have 2 sessions on each of the full body and uterus care heat therapies. If you’re planning to breast feed, you may also get started with Mummy’s Massage’s 1 session of breast care heat therapy. For an ultimate body contouring treatment, the package also includes 10 sessions of slimming thermotherapy.

For best results, it’s highly advisable for you to consult with your doctor upon finalizing on a package with Mummy’s Massage. This way, you can make the most of your treatments so you may bounce back to vitality and healthily enter your early chapters of motherhood.

Further extensions of services

Aside from offering Post Natal Massage, Mummy’s Massage also has the Pre Natal Massage for soon-to-be mums. This should enable them to have more flexibility and lesser stress especially during the birthing process. You can even go herbal or the natural way by availing of the Jamu Massage, which includes specially selected, natural ingredients to treat the related discomforts of birthing processes.

About Mummy’s Massage

Mummy’s Massage is the sought-after pre and post natal massage therapy company in Singapore. Founded by Salwa Salim, their team of experts are geared to serve and educate women, particularly mothers towards reaching the peak of their health.  To know more, you may visit their site at

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