Mummy’s massage offers prenatal, post massage andother services for Pregnancy ladies and mother-to-be’s in Singapore


Mummy’s massage, Singapore’s leading prenatal and postnatal massage therapy company offering service exclusive to mothers only, offers various quality massage and services for the well-being of the expectant mothers in Singapore. The company exclusively provides their expertise to care for the women who are having a baby.

There are different categories that have been devised by the company to provide options and recommendations to give care for expectant mothers. These are prenatal massage, post natal massage slimming massage, miscarriage massage, and fertility massage.

The company addresses different concerns of pregnant women especially during and after birth. Mummy’s massage also utilizes its knowledge and expertise to achieve numerous benefits from prenatal and post natal massage.

For Prenatal Massage, Mummy’s massage can help mothers during pregnancy, during labour, after delivery and even extends its care to the baby with the following benefits for each respective phases:

  • Reduced Pregnancy Symptoms Especially Leg Cramps & Back Pain
  • Decreased Depression Rate & Anxiety
  • Reduced Swelling in Feet
  • Shorter Labour Time
  • Significant Reduced Pain During Labour
  • Less Drugs & Painkillers Administered
  • Reduced Recovery Time
  • Shorter Hospital Stay After Delivery
  • Lower Rate of Postnatal Depression
  • Lower Statistics for Prematurity
  • Lower Incidence of Low Birth weight
  • Less Birth Complications

After birth, Mummy’s massage also provides Post natal Massage for mothers to help them cope with discomforts and recover from the whole pregnancy journey providing the following benefits and solutions for the common concern during this stage:

Medical Reasons/adjustments
Reduce post surgery adhesion & swelling. Improve blood circulation; more oxygen & nutrients reach the soft tissues & vital organs. Faster cell repair to reduce scars and stretch marks. Reduce complications, diastasis, prolapsed uterus.

Health & Vitality
Enhance immunity, lymph node (body’s defense system) is stimulated when pressure is applied. Stretch weak tight and atrophied muscles. Reduce depression and anxiety. Drains excess fluid; relief tension & stress to feel more energetic.

Pain Management
Improves body posture reducing low back pain.Releases restrictions in muscles and joints for ease and flexibility of movement.Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles.Reduce spasms and cramps.

Contour your body back into your original shape with massage therapy, aromatherapy and slimming wraps. Tone up overstretch areas by making skin taut and compressed in original shape. Reshape body and flatten tummy

Ms Salwa Salim is the founder of Mummy’s Massage. She is a healthcare professional specializing in Women & Baby’s health. She is formerly trained as a Sonographer & Radiographer working in hospitals and private clinics. Her passion to help women improve their health has led her to create mummy’s massage where she could reach out to more women through revolutionizing the standard of Massage Therapy industry in Singapore.

Ms Salwa Salim, together with the trained team behind the company, is dedicated to help mothers in their pregnancy journey and are ready to assist their needs through massage therapy.

About Mummy’s massage:
Mummy’s massage is Singapore’s leading prenatal and postnatal massage therapy company offering service exclusive to mothers only. It provides various massage therapy and services addressing the common concerns and problems of mother-to-be’s. The company is founded by Ms Salwa Salim, is a healthcare professional specialising in Women & Baby’s health. To find out more, visit:

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