Mummy’s Massage offers top massage therapy for women in Singapore


Mummy’s Massage is Singapore’s leading company to provide prenatal and postnatal massage in Singapore. They are a massage company that is exclusively for women. They aim to help women understand the ways for them to handle their health conditions.

They are a company that helps women deal with issues regarding their health, particularly the things that women have to deal with when it comes to pregnancy or motherhood. Mummy’s Massage is founded by Ms. Salwa Salim, a healthcare professional who specializes in Women and Baby’s health. She was a scholar in National University Hospital Singapore and was formerly trained as a Sonographer and Radiographer. She had worked in various hospitals and clinics, performing mammograms as well as ultrasounds and examining women’s breasts and reproductive systems for abnormalities and diseases. Soon she became well-versed when it comes to the female anatomy and diseases. Aiming to further expand her knowledge in order to help women face health conditions, she have trained to become a certified massage therapist who specialized in Prenatal and Postnatal massage. She even travelled as far as Italy and United Kingdom in order to educate herself more. In the year 2012 she was accredited by Royal Midwives London, UK as a Baby Massage and Baby Yoga instructor. This goes to show that Ms. Salim is an experienced and dedicated expert when it comes to Women and Baby’s Massage therapy.

Mummy’s Massage offers a variety of massage services for mothers, to help relieve them of stress during and after pregnancy. They provide therapies such as prenatal and postnatal massages. Prenatal massage is good for pregnant women who would like to ease themselves of the pregnancy symptoms. They will help women get rid of symptoms such as back pain, leg cramp, and swollen feet, to ease them from suffering. Studies indicate that prenatal massage helps reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches and joint pains. It will also help women have an easy labor. Moreover, prenatal massages are reported to help reduce complications for the baby. Medical research has shown that massages help reduce labor hours as well as the pain experienced by the mother during the process.

Postnatal massages on the other hand, helps mothers get back in shape and regain energy after giving birth. With their postnatal massages, you will feel pampered after nine months of carrying your child. You will be relieved of stress and tension in your body. Moreover, postnatal massage will help you reshape your body, and naturally flatten your tummy. But more importantly, postnatal massage helps reduce complications that women may encounter after giving birth.

Mummy’s Massage is a company that is dedicated to helping mothers in having an easy and healthy pregnancy. They aim to support you throughout your nine month journey of carrying your little bundles of joy.

About Mummy’s Massage
Mummy’s Massage the leading company that provides prenatal and postnatal massage in Singapore. They are exclusive to women, especially mothers, and they are dedicated to helping mothers with their pregnancy. They provide massages to help ease women during and even after giving birth. Their massages help women have an easy pregnancy and labor, and recover faster after giving birth.

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