Mummy’s Massage: The All-Women Massage Clinic Offers beyond Relaxation


Pregnant women need a good massage too, and this is more than just relaxation for them. All these are focused on by Mummy’s Massage, a revolutionary massage clinic that centers on the therapeutic massage needs of women in their most crucial stages of reproduction.

For women in their early stages of pregnancy, there are certain massage techniques that will make labor easier and will lessen possible complications for the baby. Prenatal massage has been seen to provide benefits on pregnant women such as reduced chances of being depressed, anxious, and in pain. They have also been known to have shorter hospital stays and labors.

When it comes to women who just gave birth, post natal massage is the right massage therapy to undergo. This specialized massage will help with post-surgery adhesion and the swelling. It aids in blood circulation and allows for more nutrients to reach the body organs and tissues. It also helps a lot in strengthening the immune system to hasten recovery, aids in retaining the proper posture and to do away with back pain, and also it ensures that your body contour goes back to its original shape.

Miscarriage massage therapy can aid any woman who has undergone any traumatic experiences such as abortion or miscarriage. This type of massage can help in taking away all tissues and blood remnants left after the incident. This reduces all types of pain and regulates the hormones back to its normal level. This also allows for your uterus to get back to its original position and helps to restore your fertility and overall reproductive health.

For those moms who gave birth for quite some time already but still have problems with belly fats, the slimming massage is for them. What’s good with Mummy’s Massage is that it doesn’t only offer you different massage techniques namely manual hand slimming massage and the machine slimming massage. You can also avail of the different natural slimming products that are available in oils, lotions, and creams that break down fatty deposits in the body. You can also make use of the infra-red thermal blanket and the slimming wraps.

Mummy’s Massage has been featured in many prestigious publications for their exemplary service. It has also shared its knowledge among fellows in the industry through a variety of talks and presentations and different radio and TV appearances. With Mummy’s Massage, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

About Mummy’s Massage:
Mummy’s Massage is a specialized massage clinic catering to women in different stages of reproduction. The founder and owner of the massage clinic is Salwa Salim. She finished her bachelor’s degree in Applied Science at the Charles Sturt University Australia and worked at the National University Hospital (NUH) for 4 years. After which, she founded the specialized massage therapy service. If you want to know more about it, please check this out:

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