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The post natal Jamu massage is one of the best ways to refresh mentally and physically post natal care that originates from Indonesia before the 17th century as a form of treatment to the royal family. Jamu otherwise known as herbal medicines in the Indonesian language is basically some type of herbal medicine made from natural materialistic taken from parts of plants including fennel, lemongrass, clove, ginger and turi. Jamu is used in the massage therapy of Malay-Indonesian culture along with unique massages techniques that has existed for hundreds of year and still being practiced till this day for its effectiveness.

Some components of jamu massage in post natal care include the post natal jamu massage technique, heat therapy, jamu, bengkung (slimming wraps) and pantang (restrictions). The post natal jamu massage technique requires a special skill with a proper set of training to perform effectively such as sengkak which is the technique to reposition the uterus back in place and long strokes and kneading techniques which is the methods to work towards bringing the body of the pregnant women who have given birth back to shape. Mummy’s massage is the only company in Singapore that provides the full range of authentic post natal jamu massage service to their client home including slimming wraps, hot compress, massage therapy, feminine spa, herbal ball and herbal bath.

The Mummy’s massage also provided slimming massage for those busy mothers who have given birth 6 month ago or 10 years ago a chance to get rid of their flabby and loose tummy. The company are focus in creating a balanced and healthy overall body wellness which uses 100% all natural techniques such as massage therapy, slimming products, thermotherapy and slimming wraps. The massage therapy of Mummy’s massage for the slimming massage use the mechanical beating action technique that will help loosen the fatty deposits and break down the cellulite.

Furthermore, Mummy’s massage is a Malay massage therapist in Singapore with all of their staff is local Malay ladies with varied experiences and expertise in the massage and prenatal or post natal care industry. For those Singaporean women that about to become a mother or have given birth could try the prenatal pregnancy massage and post natal pregnancy massage provided by Mummy’s massage which could ease the problems of pregnant women by providing emotional support and physical healthiness. The company which is led by Salwa Salim also provided spa services for their customers.

About Mummy’s Massage
Mummy’s massage which led by Salwa Salim is a Singapore leading prenatal and postnatal massage therapy company offering service exclusive to women about to be mother and mother. Salwa Salim is a healthcare professional specialising in Women & Baby’s health with a passion to help women improve their health through revolutionising the standard of massage therapy industry in Singapore.

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