Nature And Varieties Of Chemical Companies As A Pioneer Industry


find-chemical-suppliers-in-singapore-at-times-business-directoryThe chemical industry has emerged as one of the most powerful industries in the recent times. With the reputation of being the manufacturer of caustic soda, chlorine and other alkaline products in Singapore, such companies have practically changed the nature of the business altogether. Although 80% of the chemical industries have concentrated in the production of polymers and plastics, there are other products which have been produced and distributed. Such chemical companies have produced products which are fundamental for a wide range of processes involving other industries as well. Such industries include the likes of the food industry, automotive industry, medical and space exploration and various others. The chemical industries consume more than 25% of its chemical products being produced.

The nature of business

Such chemical suppliers, in Singapore have been established as the pioneer industry sustains the industrialization for various reasons:

  • They have remained one of the prime suppliers of basic and major chemicals for other products.
  • Such products include the likes of petrochemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, water treatment firms and polycarbonate.
  • There is an erection of more than 220 tons of chlorine from such companies per day.
  • The companies have known to employ 150-200 staffs in their capital intensive enterprises.

The companies have also known for its major turnover of not less than 100 million per annum. They are certified to be one of the best suppliers of prominent chemicals to different sectors altogether.

Aim and achievement

The chemical companies have stability in their working pattern. They have their own transport tanks and ISO tankers which help in catering to a large base of customers on public holidays, weekends and whenever there are demands. There is also a demand for offshore sites for a purpose related to contingency to lower the risk that the customers take in external forces.

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