Stanford Language Centre, a group of like-minded private tutors and teachers which dedicate themselves in Asian Languages with the rationale of establishing eminent and affordable language center in Singapore announces its new class schedule for the Basic Conversational Mandarin Course, for the months of August and September.

The class for Basic and Intermediate Mandarin Level are now available on August 27 from 7:30-9:00pm; August 29 from 3:30-5:00 pm; August 30 from 5:00-6:30 pm, September 9 from 7:30-9:00pm and September 15 from 7:30-9:00pm. Students who wish to enroll on the schedule they desire can send their reservation via email at or they may also call 96562095 or 97379914 for more course information. The registration for these new schedules are open until August 31 so be sure to reserve you slot as they easily get full load!

The Basic Conversational Mandarin Course has a 6 to 12 class size. Students can avail 20 session with 1 to 2 free lessons, of Basic + Intermediate Mandarin Lessons for only $298. The duration of the completion of the course is comprised of 10 Basic Mandarin lessons and 10 Intermediate Mandarin lessons.

Stanford aspires to be the most reasonably priced Asian language provider in town, and is after the mission of providing quality conversational language training by being keen in effectiveness on its trainings.

Stanford goes all-out in being people’s choice provider for basic conversational courses for languages such as Mandarin, Thai, Japanese and French. It toils towards providing a holistic and all-rounded approach in conveying the skills of mastering the various languages with the aid of its native trainers. For long now, the company has rallied round myriad of adults in realizing their utmost potential of being able to seize the skills of speaking foreign languages with lesser intricacy. The triumph and accomplishments the company has witnessed from its students have gifted it the enthusiasm and inspiration to go on with in being one of the most trusted language center Singapore has. And as it persists to put forward and endow people with effective conversational classes and language course, the people behind this company take pride in being dedicated and unswerving in their call of service in guaranteeing positive results and outcomes of their students and of more to come.

Stanford Language Centre of Singapore offers the most effective two months conversational Mandarin course for adults. The program provides lessons in useful conversational skills in the best Mandarin classes in Singapore. The curriculum includes lists of Chinese vocabulary for daily activities for the benefit of the students. Also, adults or students can be interactive in class as to provide lots of opportunity to practice their Mandarin in the centre’s Chinese classes, Singapore based. Stanford Language Center also strives to help its students understand Han Yu Pin Yin (Chinese Pronunciation) with the help Stanford’s Mandarin lessons, Singapore based. More so, the company toils effort in helping students speak with correct intonation through its Chinese lessons, thus assisting them to eventually develop a good tongue for speaking the native language.

Stanford Language Centre is a company in Singapore comprised of a group of like-minded private tutors and teachers specializing in Asian Languages and aim to provide quality and affordable language center in Singapore. For more information, visit:

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