New Product alert at GlutenfreeSG: ERG! Bars a new must try for gluten-free lovers


get-your-gluten-free-food-from-glutenfreesgSingapore – Nutty bars are set to fill the tummies of the clients and customers of GlutenfreeSG as ERG! released one of its latest gluten free products. The ERG! Bars is specially made for always-on-the-go folks who wants to enjoy good eats which are still good for the health.

New gluten-free food for your healthy diet

Another item is added up to the gluten-free diet. It is the goal of the company for the gluten-free aficionados to enjoy a tasty snack but will nevertheless prejudice the health and diet trail they keep track of.

Customers are assured that the newly released gluten free products in Singapore online store are free from any preservatives that can potentially increase the risks of diseases rooted from substances used for the long term food storage. Thus, the ingredients are selected among the natural products and items.

“ERG! Bars are minimally processed and made with complete whole ingredients. We use no fractionated supplements, no corn syrup and no artificial anything. ERG! Bars come in a clear wrapper so you can see what you get.”, says the company.

With natural ingredients freshly administered, the bar is produced bursting with different flavours. The company selected fine ingredients from the market and turn it into an on-the-go snack and energy booster.

“Every ERG! Bar starts with 25% real fruit – Real apples, real cherries, real dates… real blueberries. lemons, apricots and more. We grind our own nut butters fresh for every batch. We grind real almonds, real cashews, and real peanuts. They’re naturally sweetened with honey and real fruit. ERG! Fruit & Nut Bars actually taste good. Why should that be a big surprise?”, the company added.

The company also proudly announces that their newly introduced gluten free product is also dairy-free, egg-free, preservative-free, soy-free, wheat-free and yeast-free. Customers would no longer be burdened with the notorious allergens usually present in every packaged and instant meals and goodies.

Breakfast is now given more importance even without sparing much time and effort in preparing them. Healthy snacks and bars like ERG! Bar provides a delightful and natural snack which will enable us to feel energized and full in the morning. It is the best product for working folks as it leaves no messy table, a pile of dishes, and it can be eaten while one is travelling to work or while working in front of a computer desk.

ERG! Bar is the new trend in the modern eating habits as you get the all the nutrients you need to face a long and productive ahead.

Going gluten-free with the company

GlutenfreeSG was started by a group of friends who wished to bring a comprehensive and delicious selection of gluten-free products to their fellow Singaporeans. They have several acquaintances who are on strict gluten-free diets, and they have been struggling to find a good gluten-free selection locally to suit their needs. Online purchase from overseas retailers are also restricted given the prohibitive cost of shipping. Inspired by their struggles, GlutenfreeSG is set up for customers to easily, quickly locate and purchase gluten-free products.

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