Property Investment 88, the leading property portal for new condominium property launches in Singapore, announces collection of Singapore new launch property for investment of residential properties. These properties are direct from developer with best available units and discount.

Investing for residential properties will be the best investment one can ever make. There are seven reasons why Singapore residential property market is still a good investment. First is because of the increasing target population to 6.9 million by 2030. Second is that, the great infrastructure expansion plan rolled out by the government. Third is due to the extension of CBD area to absorb more work forces. Fourth is due to the low unemployment rate in Singapore. Fifth is because of the stable economic and political stability. Sixth is the table currency, which tends to increase compare to other currencies in the long run. Seventh is for the reason that Singapore is a safe haven for South East Asia and Asian countries. And lastly, it is because of the growing trend of Singaporean to invest in overseas property. In fact, Singapore emerged as the largest Asian investor of overseas property, spending US$11.9 billion in such assets last year from US$9.4 billion during 2013, revealed CBRE. Moreover, the city-state maintained its position as the top source of outbound capital in the region, followed by China with US$10.1 billion and Hong Kong (US$6.3 billion). Malaysia and Taiwan trail behind with US$1.7 billion and US$0.2 billion respectively.

This growing trend in Singapore of investing overseas properties is likewise due to several reasons. One of which is the lower quantum. There also is a lower down payment, for ABSD paid to buy Singapore property can cover the full property price or paid the down payment depending on the country and location they invest. Moreover, investing for overseas properties give a deferred payment scheme, lower stamp duty, and a possibility of higher potential return and rental yield. There is also an attractive rental guaranteed scheme offered and future children accommodation for further study into overseas for their children. Investors are also given chance to relocate or retire home.

In protecting the interest of the investors, the government of Singapore implemented the cooling measures for Singapore property market for several reasons. One of which is due to the low interest rate caused by the global financial crisis that hit the United States in 2008. During that period, Singapore interest rate has been kept low; average mortgage interest rate is only about 1.5%. This low interest rate has spurred smart investors and speculators into frenzy borrowing to speculate the property market and make high and quick return.

Another purpose is as to prevent bubble which is caused by low interest rate and high speculative activities in the market which will lead to real estate bubble.

These measures likewise aim to filter buyer’s profile, intention, and ability in repayment. ABSD acts as the filter for buyer’s profile and intention. Because extra stamp duty paid is between 5-15% depending on buyer’s profile and it is paid maximum within seven weeks on the booking day. Those who are willing to pay means have a good profile and intention. TDSR is used for calculating buyer’s ability in paying back the loan. It is also thoroughly plan with only maximum 60% of income and 3.5% interest rate, in case the interest rate is started to pick up.

Moreover, it seeks to protect genuine investor, for the reason that a property is a long term investment tools and the policy is to protect genuine investor and discourage speculators.

Lastly, it help to protect the market and healthy property investment environment. If the global economic situation turns worse again, the property market may not drop as hard as the other countries which have not implemented any bubble prevention. And government has more tools to play with to draw back the liquidity into Singapore.

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