New Research Finds Gentle Yoga Linked to Weight Loss | Your Weight Loss Buddy Introduces a New Indoor Fitness Program


To address the growing need of compromising hectic schedules and healthy living, Your Weight Loss Buddy has come up with a new indoor fitness program.

Previously, there had been the connotation that people only lose weight if they sweat as much. Interestingly, recent studies contend that despite only a series of seemingly stretching exercises, gentle yoga can affect as much weight loss to those practicing it regularly.

Scientists have made the connection despite the disconnected idea of sweating as many calories over consumption to shed off pounds. According to a report by Prevention, the weight loss induced from gentle yoga does not come from typical pathways known about calories and exercising. Rather, the practice brings more holistic changes that it can enforce changes in a person’s body and shape.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle research revealed that from 15,000 adults around their 50s, those practicing yoga for 4 or more years regularly lost an average of 5 pounds. Those who did not reported gaining 13.5 pounds with a 20-pound difference. Operating under the same idea, Your Weight Loss Buddy has come up with a new fitness program.

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The center’s indoor fitness program feature hot yoga sessions performed under hot and humid conditions. Apart from the possible weight loss effect, hot yoga has also been linked to improving flexibility as well as blood circulation. Your Weight Loss Buddy offers a fantastic overall stretch, relaxation for promoting strength, flexibility and overall well-being. Students can expect lots of flexibility lessons, vitality insights and fun.

Your Weight Loss Buddy also offers a range of other fitness programs including Zumba. The practice has become one of the most popular group exercises around. In fact, the Latin-dance inspired workout is reportedly performed by more than 12 million people at 110,000 sites, in 125 countries around the world. People who are skeptical about trying out the routine for the first time can bring their friends or relatives along to share the experience. Those interested for both classes can sign up by emailing the coach designated for the class and area.

Your Weight Loss Buddy has a holistic approach to staying healthy. The center also offers weight loss contests, wellness evaluation, healthy breakfast, nutrition talk and other assistance students may require to develop a healthy lifestyle and diet. Likewise, the company also offers skin transformation services and assistance helping clients complete their journey to looking good. Prices and availability of classes are subject to change depending on the period and area.

About Your Weight Loss Buddy:
Your Weight Loss Buddy is a health and fitness center center operating in 13 different locations in Singapore. Your Weight Loss Buddy focuses on the concept of Fitness and Nutrition whereby clients are being guided by an assigned coach in their body stats analysis and diet plans. The company offers a range of yoga and healthiness programs. These include exercises to lose weight, yoga for weight loss and Zumba in Singapore among others. For more information about the company visit their website:

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