The next opportunity: IN3LABS looks for part-time trainers


IN3LABS, an educational institution which provides robotics class and coding workshop in Singapore, is now looking for applicants who are passionate to teach robotics or coding & apps programming to young students in robot camps. Different courses are offered by the company during summer and other holidays in Singapore.

The company announced in their website that they are in search of part-time trainers for the number of courses they offer. “We are looking for passionate and self-motivated individuals with relevant background (Engineering/ Computer Sc or Eng) to be part of our fun and enthusiastic team. To get started, please fill in the form on the right.”, the company said.

The applicants are most likely expected to deal with developing the 21st century competencies and skills of the kids. They are given the task to inspire and educate the builders of the future. The job is not only an opportunity to build their own careers but also plays a significant role in helping young minds discover and maximize their potentials through a fun robot camps during school vacation.

The passion, patience and love for fun traits are a few of the most valued character the company look for from the group of applicants who will deal with kids as young 5 years old. The camp is jam packed with different activities to not only teach kids about robotics and programming but also impress upon certain values such as love for learning, good fellowship, and discipline as well.

In3labs posted the announcement in their website where interested individuals can submit the necessary information the company needs through the online form in the website. The applicants will soon be contacted by the company for the succeeding steps up to the end of the hiring process.

On the other note, In3Labs also accepts interns and volunteers. They provide valuable experience for students to prepare them before they enter the real world responsibilities. It provides opportunity to put academic knowledge into practice and to accumulate credentials that will be highly beneficial for future career. They offer internship opportunity for motivated students who are keen to be part of their team.

Moreover, the company allows volunteers to organize events or be part of committee member of different projects. The company only requires three things: interest, enthusiasm, and commitment. Applicants can also send their interests by filling out the form posted in the website.

It is an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise to kids interested in the field.

About the company:

IN3LABS was born when our educators were getting numerous feedbacks from schools and parents about the lack of quality educational and enrichment options that emphasize on meeting the growing needs for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in education for a world that is increasingly automated and technology reliant. With countries such as the USA and Korea ahead of the education curve, the team consulted with educators in both countries and set out to pioneer IN3LABS, where learning is based on our motto: “Integrate, Innovate, Inspire”. To find out more, visit:

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