NicknLee Investment offers courses to help you learn how to invest


NicknLee Investment is a Sinagpore-based investing college that offers courses which can help you understand the important things that you need to know about investing. This school helps you gain knowledge which can help you make the most out of your finances.

They offer a variety of things that you may need in order to grasp the basic things about investing. NicknLee Investment offers value investing courses. Value investing is the strategy that involves investing of stocks that trade for less than their intrinsic values. In Singapore, NicknLee Investment is your trusted value investment college. They also offer lessons on property investment, stock holdings, REITs, and everything that is related to investing.

NicknLee Investment also teaches people about options writing. This is one helpful way to help identify the best investments in Singapore. The Option Sellers are to determine the importance of a probability of an investment success, compared to how much premium they shall get from selling their option.

Lastly, they offer courses on real estate investment. Real estate is one of the most common investment vehicles nowadays, and there are a lot of rich businessmen that have a large portfolio of real estate investment today. Through NicknLee Investment, you will learn how to make a real estate investment. You will learn lessons that have come from people who fully understand investing, such as PIP Holdings founder Jerome Tan, and famous investor Sean Seah.

Aside from providing investing courses, they also have CASHFLOW game sessions. CASHFLOW is a well-known educational board game that has been played by many businessmen. It helps you learn more about how to grow your money by means of investing. They have sessions where they get six players to learn how to play the game. Throughout these sessions, you are going to be given advice on how to manage your finances more effectively. You are going to be personally coached by Cheng Qian, a financial education trainer and the Chairman of National Cashflow Competition in the year 2012. By playing this game, you get to learn more about investing, and at the same time you get to have fun playing a game as well. This is a fun way to teach the investors to be.

NicknLee Investment is believes that people should learn how to invest. They find it unfortunate that most people nowadays find investing a risky venture, simply because they have no idea how it is basically done. But with proper knowledge, they are ready to grab investment opportunities that will come their way. It is for this reason that NicknLee Investment have decided to provide courses to help them understand investing. They are an investing school that helps you gain not just knowledge, but also money.

About NicknLee Investment
NicknLee Investment is known in Singapore for offering courses that can help people learn a lot about investing. They provide guidance on how to properly manage your finances and other investments and gain from them.

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