Being a Nursing Mom: Dealing with Lactation Problems


mastitis-treatmentMotherhood starts with pregnancy. It is a long and crucial stage, in which the mother needs to take care of not just herself, but the health of the baby in her womb as well.

It also leads to various changes in the expectant mom’s body. Aside from a growing tummy and the inevitable weight gain, one of the common changes that takes place is the lactation of the breasts. It is a natural preparation of the mother’s body for the baby she’ll nurture in the future.

These physical changes will not disappear even after a woman gives birth to her child. But while the weight you gained may disappear after some exercise and diet, it will take a while before you stop lactating.

Unfortunately, this leads to some discomfort for some nursing moms. There are instances in which moms suffer from lactation problems. Some women suffer from lactation disorders such as low milk supply, or from Mastitis during pregnancy and post-partum.

Moms with low milk supply, for instance, have what is a symptom of insufficient energy (called Chi in traditional Chinese medicine) in the blood. Stagnation of energy is said to prevent milk from flowing out of the nipple.

Mastitis, on the other hand, is the stagnation or blockage of chi which leads to breast engorgement, distention and pain. Both of these things cause discomfort among nursing moms, but fortunately there are ways to relieve them from these problems.

Gladys Care is among the top confinement nanny agencies in Singapore. They have been providing top class services to mothers all over Singapore since 1987.

They offer Mastitis treatment as well as treatment for other lactation problems being suffered by moms in Singapore. They make use of Traditional Chinese Massage treatments to ease them of such discomforts.

They offer TCM Lactation Breast Massage services to mothers that are suffering from breast engorgement and other lactation issues. They also offer Breast Lifting massage for moms who want to retain their sexy, perfectly curved breasts after giving birth. They also provide prenatal and postnatal massages for faster physical and emotional recovery.

Gladys Care has acquired years of experience to come up with the right ways to provide attentive care for moms and babies in Singapore. It is their goal to make sure that mothers will maintain their health and comfort, and to ensure that pregnancy is going to be a joyous process.

Mothers all over the world only deserve to feel comfortable especially after giving birth. Gladys Care offers attentive care to mothers that are in need of comfort. There is no need to fret over the discomfort caused by the changes in your body, for you will always have a reliable partner in helping you deal with such problems.

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