O Medical Clinic offers facelift and anti-aging treatments in Singapore


O Medical Clinic is a flagship of the multi-awarded international company The ONLY Group, which is based in Singapore. They are known for offering top-of-the-line facelift and anti-aging treatments in the island.

A lot of dermatologist clinics in Singapore offer a variety of treatments to reduce the signs of aging among men and women. O Medical Clinic offers Facelift and Botox and a lot of other advanced beauty treatments which are clinically proven safe and effective, using FDA-approved technology handled by accredited professionals. The clinic offers SMASLift Ulthera, which is a non-invasive facelift treatment. They have the Exilis, a sophisticated, non-invasive technology that reduces wrinkles and even promotes collagen production, for a younger looking skin. They also have Botox Jaw Reduction, for those who want to have a better defined jawline. Botox has always been one of the most popular forms of beauty aesthetics treatments, and O Medical Clinic ensures that they will only provide their patients with the best service.

This renowned skin clinic in Singapore also offers SilkPeel Dermalinfusion, a procedure that is clinically proven to bring out the best in your skin. It can be used in all types of skin, and it targets acne, hyper pigmentation, and even repairs damaged skin. They also offer chemical peel, as well as fractional laser skin resurfacing which is better than other laser clinics in the country. And for those who want to have better, more defined features, the clinic offers dermal fillers: rhinosplasty, nose fillers and chin fillers, the best and the safest in Singapore.

Aside from face lift and other facial treatments, O Medical Clinic offers various body treatments as well. They are one of the clinics in Singapore to offer treatment for gynecomastia. They have the Laser Bust Enhancement, a non-surgical treatment that is meant to give patients firmer, more beautiful breasts. This could be used for women who want firmer breasts, as well as men who want to reduce their man-boobs. You no longer have to risk visiting liposuction clinics for their surgical fat removing procedures, because O Medical Clinic now offers non-invasive treatments like the Zerona, a revolutionary technology that reshapes the body without the need for needles or surgery. It reduces fat in certain areas of the body, and even tightens and firms loose skin. This treatment is ideal even for mothers who gave birth, and want their bodies to return to their perfectly contoured form. They also have the liposonix, the painless alternative to liposuction in Singapore. And then they have the CoolSculpting, which freezes the fat cells on the target area, to diminish the fat and make the body slimmer. Aside from these treatments, they also have laser tattoo removal as well as hair loss treatments.

O Medical Clinic is the leading clinic that offers only the safest and the most sophisticated anti-aging and other beauty treatments Singapore. Visit them if you want non-invasive beauty solutions that guarantee wonderful results.

About O Medical Clinic

O Medical Clinic is part of The ONLY Group, which is located in Singapore. They offer a myriad of highly advanced medical treatments for the face, skin, and body. With advanced technology and dedicated staff, O Medical Clinic is sure to offer nothing short of the best medical services in Singapore.

To know more about the O Medical Clinic, you may visit their website: http://www.onlyclinic.com/

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