O Medical Clinic Opens Its Doors to a Wide Variety of Non-invasive Face and Body Treatments


O Medical Clinic is expanding its services with a diverse range of fast, safe and affordable treatments using the most advanced and FDA-approved technology that is available in the market. Furthermore, its non-invasive approach to face and body treatment is a very much welcomed addition to those who want to avoid any extensive operations done to them.

Dermatologists Singapore is highly recognized for the quality of service that they provide to their patients on a regular basis. Dermatologist clinics such as O Medical provide just that however, most their services are leaning mostly towards non-invasive treatments such as ultherapy Singapore and include thermage Singapore, making their patients feel relatively at ease especially since there are little to no risks involved. This makes O Medical Clinic quite accessible to those who are interested in their programs.

O Medical Clinic showcases a wide range of treatments found in their dermatologist clinics. Among their wide range of services include ulthera Singapore as well as tattoo removal Singapore which makes use of short intense pulses to target the ink pigment, resulting in the removal of the tattoo. This in turn makes the procedure safe leaving the skin unharmed. There is also the scar removal procedure which safely aids in reducing acne scars, evening out textural irregularities and increasing skin laxity.

Fillers Singapore has grown in popularity over time which is a procedure that is used to enhance several facial features of a patient. You will find nose fillers Singapore as well as chin fillers at O Medical Clinic which is considered to be practically safe especially since it is only being performed by certified doctors in their staff. This procedure can be used to plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and heighten the nose bridge thus creating a sharper chin in the process. Furthermore, dermal fillers give natural looking results without affecting the facial expression compared to other treatments.

You will also find other face and body treatment at O Medical Clinic such as gynecomastia Singapore that focuses primarily on men who have problems with their breast due to hormone imbalance or hormone therapy. You will also find Coolsculpting at O Medical Clinic which is a non-invasive body shaping treatment that effectively reduces fat in areas in the body by diminishing fat cells thus improving the body’s contour.

About O Medical Clinic:
O Medical Clinic is a flagship medical laser and aesthetics clinic of The ONLY Group located in Singapore. The clinic offers a myriad of the most advanced treatments for your face, skin and body. Equipped with clinically proven and FDA-approved technology, their accredited medical Doctors and medically trained aestheticians are able to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their patients. They are dedicated in catering to their client’s specific needs and are highly experienced in achieving the desired results safely and professionally. You can head over at http://www.onlyclinic.com/ to find out more.

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