O Medical Clinic Showcases Their Wide Range of Clinics Available in Different Locations


press-release1O Medical Clinic makes it possible for their clients to find dermatologist clinics with ease and convenience with them setting up clinics all over Singapore.

O Medical Clinic knows that Singapore is a big country and a great number of residents. For them to be able to provide treatments and procedures such as chin fillers and Botox in Singapore, the company needs to expand their reach further beyond. O Medical Clinic was able to make this a possibility with them setting up different clinic branches their clients can visit at any given time when the need calls for them to do so.

As of writing, O Medical Clinic has 4 skin clinics in Singapore that provides services such as Botox Jaw Reduction and rhinoplasty in Singapore. They are conveniently located in different locations to suit the needs and preference of each and every one of their customers. You can find their clinics in different branches for easy access and reach.

First off is their Capitol Piazza branch located at Capitol Piazza #01-64, Singapore 178905. The second one can be found at I12 Katong #03-45, Singapore 428802. The third one is conveniently located at 22 Malacca Street #13-03A, Singapore 048980. Last but definitely not the least is their Wheelock Placebranch located at Wheelock Place #05-09A, Singapore 238880. All of their branches offer services found with liposuction clinics and aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

It should also be noted that O Medical Clinic also makes us of state of the art technology found in laser clinics Singapore. This in turn allows them to do thermage cpt as well as face lift treatments in a timely and effective manner while at the same time offer little to no risk to their customers. As a result, customers are able to have face lift in Singapore done to them with no worries at all.

It is good to hear that O Medical Clinic is continually expanding their services. It should be noted that their Capitol Piazza branch has opened recently last year in an effort to reach more customers. We can expect new branches opening up soon that offer the same type of services just like their other branches. For now, customers will be able to get in touch with them at relative ease convenience as each one of their branches have their own hotline numbers. Furthermore, clients will also be able to send them a message for enquiries directly over their website today.

About O Medical Clinic:

O Medical Clinic is a flagship medical laser and aesthetics clinic of The ONLY Group located in Singapore. The clinic offers a myriad of the most advanced treatments for their client’s face, skin and body. Equipped with clinically proven and FDA-approved technology, their accredited medical Doctors and medically trained aestheticians are able to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their patients.


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