O Medical Clinic: the Expert in Asian Skin Is Ready to Serve You


Singapore has made cosmetic treatments and surgery more accessible to locals. O Medical Clinic the flagship medical and aesthetics clinic has made procedures such as hair loss treatment and coolsculpting in Singapore popular. The clinic whose experts are high caliber graduates of Singapore’s top universities are adept and fully aware of what the locals need for their face, skin, and body. They are also equipped with trends and advance techniques and technology in beauty and cosmetics industry that the clinics standards for its services will certainly satisfy the demands of its wide base of clientele.

The expertise of the O Medical Clinic’s doctors is the enhancement of facial contours without the intrusive cosmetic surgery. They have mastered treatments for the Asian skin through continuously trying and testing techniques and customizing them.

The first physician is Dr. Yong XY who has a bachelor’s degree in medicine specializing in surgery. Her specialization is aesthetic medicine which includes treatments like lasers, Botox, and fillers. The second physician is Dr. Yong WY. She has the same credentials as Dr. Yong XY. In addition to Dr. Yong XY’s specializations, Dr. Yong WY is also adept in laser for skin pigmentation, laser for skin resurfacing and a lot more.

O Medical Clinic has established a strong foothold in Singapore as it has been in business for ten years now. The clinic has a high following and in 2014 alone, there were about 10,000 patients who visited the clinic. This is a testament to the strong presence that the clinic enjoys in Singapore. This can be attributed to their investment in advance technology that will provide safety beauty and cosmetic treatments to their patients.

Advisory from the medical doctors are also provided to anyone interested. This includes skin analysis for patients for any skin condition they may have. It the clinic’s aim to preserve the loyalty of its client base; hence despite the amount of resources they invest for advanced technologies, the clinic makes sure that they are within the competitive price range.

At O Medical Clinic, you have choices for beauty and body treatments based on the categories face and body. For the face, you can choose from Botox, skin peel, scar removal, V face contour, fillers, Smaslift and other treatments. For body procedures, you may choose from any of these: coolsculpting, labia remodeling, liposonix, legacy body contouring, stretchmarks, tattoo laser removal, bust enhancement, hair removal, and others. You may also have the option to follow certain programs from the clinic. You can choose from the body sculpting programs and also the O Medical Clinic programs.

O Medical Clinic has been in the business for quite some time that it has already set a record of conducting over 1 million treatments. It’s not every day that you get to visit an aesthetics clinic that has such extensive experience in providing services. There is no reason for you not to entrust your beauty in the hands of O Medical Clinic.

About O Medical Clinic:
O Medical Clinic is a premier aesthetics clinic located in Singapore. It has been able to perform about 1 million treatments since it started. The clinic has various services offered for skin and body contour enhancement without the intrusion of cosmetic surgery. For more information, you may visit its site: http://www.onlyclinic.com/

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