Office Rent SG Increasing their Online Presence over the Social Media


Office Rent SG has integrated their services over the social media increasing their online presence in the process.

Office Rent SG knows the importance of social media especially in the present with its millions of active users who log in to their services on a regular day to day basis. As such, the company makes sure to dedicate a good amount of attention towards the social media aspect of their business. This in turn makes it relatively easy for online users to find office rental in Singapore over the internet. News that revolves around offices for rent are posted over their social media profile making it relatively easy for almost anyone to find office for rent as these are delivered directly over their newsfeed.

Office Rent SG offers extra incentives to their clients to follow them over their social media page. The company shares news articles, the latest updates and even videos that revolve around office leases in Singapore and other related subjects. This in turn makes it effortless for their clients to keep themselves up to date with noteworthy office rent opportunities that are available in the present.

Getting in touch with Office Rent SG over the social media is also made fairly simple as clients can send them a private message about office space in singapore at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. Online users can also access their free office asking rental guide app directly over their social media page for easy enquiry with regards to renting office space. Currently this feature is for tenants only and they can subscribe receive the latest office & Business Park asking rental guides. Tenants will only need to supply their email address, name, designation and company name and they are all set and ready for a subscription to receive list about Commercial Office Rent.

Aside from Office Rent SG increasing their online presence over the social media, the meat of their content is still found over their website. This is where clients have access to a variety of most popular serviced offices as well as new and future developments about singapore offices. Guest and visitors are also free to access their online maps that show physical location of offices in areas such as Raffles Place or Business Park Singapore. A street view options can also be found along with a slew of pictures giving their clients a clear overview about office space of their liking.

About Office Rent SG: is a commercial real estate portal providing information about office spaces in Singapore. Their professional office space brokers intend to provide the best office search experience for office tenants. They work closely with their clients through the whole process from understanding their requirements, viewing of offices to negotiating and securing their new lease contract. Their comprehensive database consists thousands of commercial offices all over Singapore, mainly within the Central Business District sector. To find out more, visit

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