Oishi an Extensive Line of Ice Cream Rental & Equipment for their Customers


press-release2Oishi offers a variety of rental & equipment to their customers for their day to day needs.

Oishi understands the importance of good rental & equipment when starting an ice cream business or perhaps just want to showcase them for parties and events. Without them, it is impossible to keep your products fresh and looking new. For that matter, the company has taken the necessary measures in providing their customers a number of options with their ice cream freezer and ice cream freezer rental in Singapore.

There are indeed a number of options customers can consider when looking at their rental & equipment offering a great deal of flexibility as a result. Let us first consider the items that they are showcasing and this includes freezer & drink dispenser, artisanal showcase gelato display for events & restaurants, freezers / chillers for storage and as well as freezers / chillers for display. It should be noted that each and every one of these equipment are available in different specifications which is done in order to cater the needs and preference of their customers.

For instance, their types of freezer vary from the exterior size, depth, width and also height. On theother hand, their freezers / chillers are available in different specifications with their very own design to choose from. The same can also be said with regards to their freezers / chillers for storage as they have their own set of features as well. Their freezer comes with stainless steel door and their chiller / freezer comes with a stainless steel counter top as well for maximum protection. Last but definitely not the least is their artisanal showcase gelato display for events & restaurants which has three types: Stainless steel 8 x 6 litres tubs holder, Stainless steel 6 x 5 litres tray Gelato holder and 12 x 2.5 litres Gelato holder.

It is good to hear that this ice cream supplier in Singapore is not only known as a gelato manufacturer but is also acknowledged as an ice cream rental and equipment specialists in the present. If you are looking for an ice cream freezer rental or perhaps ice cream machine rental in Singapore, Oishi has got you covered with all your needs to help get you started. They also provide ice cream accessories as well which helps complete their package. Check them out today.

About Oishi:

Established in 2003, Oishi has gained a renowned reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of value added wholesome ice creams. Our production factory is location in Malaysia, which is produced daily and delivery in 20-footer frozen container, to Singapore 2 to 3 times a week. Supplying to more than 400 customers, more than 1500 drop points per month, our company has built the business base on trust, relationship and promise for the last 10 years. You can find out more by going over to their website at http://www.oishi.com.sg/.


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